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Linux world map in new colors. Mark your territory.

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Ther isn't enough place for every Distro.
And the Painter of this Map had a weakness to Debian-based Distros.
I move a lot still I've never left the main continent ;)
I like the Debian Republic from which a fundamental base has flourished! :-)
Now we need some Capital Cities or Major Towns.. I like it..
Some of the placements are a bit odd - given Mageia / PC Linux OS are based on Mandriva (which is still around, although AWOL on the map), which are all RPM distros, I would have expected them to be closer to the Red Hat Commonwealth.
+Rayme Garcia One of the first Places to visit abroad ! An example to world... like Greek philosophy to share..
i see so many places i have yet to visit... one day
Born in the popular republic of Ubuntu, then I travelled east to xubuntia, not stayed long there, then took the south route to Archland via the debian island. I'm a happy archlander now :) 
Proud citizen of the Popular Republic of Ubuntu, :3.
Born in the Kingdom of Slackware and never looked back. Sure I've visited other countries, but they just don't feel like home.
I think that the Noob Desert is the most populated country, more than we know :D
+Manu Muller, I took the same path as you, although I jumped back and forth between Debian Island and Ubuntu a few times before heading south-about to Archland.
Archland is my home for now, until I find the time to move to The Highlands Of Gentoo and visit The Great Compile!
I have good memories of my pilgrimages in the highlands of Gentoo. Recently moved from the popular republic of Ubuntu to Kubuntustan.
Unity land after giving up on gnome 3 hills :P might go to arch later :)
Archland FTW, (OpenSuse @work)
The oldest and wisest of them all, built upon the ruins of SLS. All Hail Pat, the most Benevolent Dictator For Life!!!
Why is Mount Chroot located in the Red Hat Comonwealth? And why is the GPL Sea so tiny?
Originally from the Debian rebublic but taking up residans in the panthon fort in the elementary state
New Mageia Republic !!!! But , i travel a lot i was born in the popular republic of Ubuntu to move to The rogue state of mint but i didn't liked it there so i moved to the independant republic of fedora ans then finally i'm here in the New Mageia Republic ! It's great here , you should move in !
I hold dual nationality with the Kindom of OpenSuse and Centosia, but only cos I was exiled after the Free State of Mandrake collapsed into anarchy
LOL, "Popular Republic Of Ubuntu" vs. "Kubuntustan"....  I love it :)
Though my servers remain in  the "The Debian Republic", while all my desktops live in  "The Rogue State Of Mint". :-)
I lived in Yggdrasil before it sank beneath the waves. (Cue the Donovan music now...)
Yes RMS should be dumped in the sea along with all the androids
Born in Kingdom of Slackwear live in Debian republic and are at home
Mike L
I miss my Great Communist Empire. Bring it back!
Looks like I'm up in the Hills ... no wonder its so cold ( being winter here in NZ =)
Born and lives in the Debian Republic, but travels occasionally to the other territories.
I am certainly seeking for a GNU/Linux Kingdom, a "popular republic" is muuuuuuuch too leftist for me...  :-P
Great... I'm big fan of maps and it's simply amazing!
I think Ubuntu should be on the continent of Debian, not an island of to the side.
+Simos Katsiaris I think they chose the older map because it was better. It felt more like an old world map, had more to it, and didn't feel so rushed or cramped. Just my opinion.
At The cinnamon foretress, this is where i am
+Simos Katsiaris of coarse not. That's not what i was talking about. I am talking about the image itself. the new map is definetly more representative of the truth. I don't know how you misinterpreted my comment. I was referring to the fact that the old image looks more like a real world map, and has a more "it's a real map" feel. And that it looks like he took more time in it's creation that the newer map.
I'm from Debian Republic where I live nowadays. But, from Monday to Friday, I travel to Popular Repulic of Ubuntu and cross the Android Sea to Centosia.
I sail the PCLinuxOS Sea.  Aarrgh matey, avast and prepare to be boarded! ;-)
I live in the independent republic of Fedora, but I take an SSH plane to the popular republic of Ubuntu every day.
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