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The German accessory maker Metisse has released cafe racer kits for Triumph's 'modern classics' range, and we love them. What do you think?

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Just to say..
Tho' I come from the "old" UK Cafe' scene.. I have never been a fan of the fairly universal swept back pipes on most period Cafe' bikes.. Tritons etc..
This to me is so much better, pipes that largely follow the frame route and tuck under.. this looks just lovely.
I am soooo NOT a Hinckley Bonneville fan.!  But this is the best I have ever seen for a Cafe' attempt.
It has a great stance and looks really fit.. lose the red cam covers, the gurly race No., and, the checkering on the seat.  
Then add a rear mudguard.  It rains here.. lots.. and far too often.!
AND please..  add the front full-length mudguard from a Bonneville T100 [?] and you would have near enough what guys would have done in period.
Mr Beesley..
How very kind.  We must do lunch.?
I shall let you know when my old girl gets her mot back. Any excuse to have a ride out
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