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If you hanker after a Ducati SportClassic but would like more power, take a closer look at Stefano Venier's custom Ducati 999S.

It's one of my own favorites from the past few weeks.

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This may be the most beautiful motorcycle I have ever seen. 
It's up there with that ridiculous ultra-motard that was custom built. I would gladly trade my hyper for this one. 
Nice but the power bug once bitten can never be satisfied.
Beautiful cafe fighter look
I disagree +Charles graham. You can quell the power bug. Do what I did and low side at the track with your 8 month pregnant wife watching. 😁 BTW, the Ducati makes me drool.
+Jason Yates
Your eyes were opened and you live. I have more fun pushing a slow bike fast then a fast bike slow. My fast bike does not get as much seat time as my slow one. 
This has to be the best bike I've seen

Belle comme la femme d'un autre.. à en crever.. le pire c'est qu'elle est unique. le désir absolu. intouchable. Inavoué. On tombe amoureux, la bouche sèche. On voudrait la bête, juste la regarder, la toucher pour de vrai. Il y a un homme heureux derrière tout çà, et c'est tant mieux. La perfection existe. Chapeau bas. Fan de Monster.. et de Ducati of course.
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