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For the first time online, here's a look at the extraordinary "Petardo." This is the latest incarnation of the bike, with Desmosedici Öhlins forks, a custom Öhlins shock, and a full brake system from ISR.

Head over to Bike EXIF for studio shots and the full story:

Images by Kristina Fender For Sideburn magazine.

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pretty ugly and can't outperform a generic Japanese enduro bike off-road. sad to see a Ducati treated so badly.
Yes! Awesome! Somewhere between Mad Max and steampunk.
cathy w
Love it, looks like a great fun ride.
Some bikes should never leave their creators garage let alone appear before a loaded camera.
That's a very creative bike, love the picture series.
Joe Zip
Front tire is mounted backwards.
amazing creativity . take it or
hate it !! love this mad man rebel concept.

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