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"Kevin Ash passed away on January 22nd, due to a motorcycle accident during a press launch in South Africa.

"The phrase 'he died doing what he loved' sprang to mind, but I would like to stamp that firmly out. He loved his family more, and we love him.

"As his oldest daughter, I only recently started to fully realise just how much further his parenting went than most; on receiving a tearful phone call at Stansted airport, it was a natural response to immediately cancel his press launch and ride back home to teach trigonometry the night before exams.

"Everything he did was entirely for his children and his wife, and a little bit for his cat.

"My parents loved each other very much, and I hope that one day we can learn to live without him."

RIP Kevin Ash. I was privileged to interview him a little while back for Bike EXIF; as always he was thoughtful, erudite and willing to speak his mind.
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Sad to hear of this. he was one of the greats of motojournalism.
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