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Thank you for sharing this. I watched the video and just became so upset and angry that these people still continue to have these animals. That is one place that needs to be shut down immediately. Thank you again Big Cat Rescue for bringing this article out. Keep up the great work you do.
The undercover videos from GW Exotic repulse me, they kick and hit the cats with rifles and curse and laugh at them while they're torturing them. They provoke the animals for the entertainment of visitors and breed them for profit. I can't believe that despite irrefutable evidence people STILL support them and are blind to the facts. It's absolutely disgusting that these people are allowed to still operate.
I had to stop the video because I was in tears sobbing, I wanted to do to those monsters what they did to those innocent animals. I'm so strangle amazed at how emotional I get when it involves Animals and children but yet so numb when it is humanity I guess being a soldier has that effect.
Knowledge is the key. We need to convey the connection between organic matter - Expands collective consciousness...
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