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Great Looking Accessories for Great Looking Bikes
Great Looking Accessories for Great Looking Bikes


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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Handlebar Mounts Now Fit Indian

Big Bike Parts® expands its popular Beverage, GPS/Phone and Gadget Bar Mounts to now cover the Indian. The beverage holder conveniently holds most beverages in its tapered design with a rubber coated inside helping secure the beverage. The beverage holder has been designed for easy installation and removal, just install the receiver bracket and the beverage holder itself can be quickly snapped into place or removed. Available in either Chrome or Satin Black. Also available is a GPS/Phone Mount that expands vertically and horizontally to hold most cell phones and GPS systems using the same receiver bracket, or add a fun Gadget Bar that allows easy mounting of so many available systems to this 7/8” bar. Added security is available with a set screw to ensure it does not walk away while you are parked. Ideal for the Indian but fits any 32 – 41.5mm on center face clamp spacing as used by Harley, Honda, and Yamaha.
Beverage Holder
Part # 52-835B

Black Beverage Holder
Part # 52-835BK

GPS/Phone Mount
Part # 52-839B

Universal Gadget Bar
Part # 52-844B

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: GT Tour Rack by Show Chrome Accessories®

This GT Tour Rack from Show Chrome Accessories® gracefully complements the natural lines of the 2018 Goldwing trunk. Its generous 22 ½” x 15” overall size will easily accommodate your favorite luggage tour bag as well as allow it to be securely fastened with its no slip corner tie down points. As with all Show Chrome Accessories® drill through racks it comes with custom recessed spacers that are tapered to allow easy matching to the trunk contour to alleviate stress cracking to the trunk lid. Large rubber washers under all spacers, inside and out protect your bikes finish as well as creating a water tight fit. Available in either Chrome or Satin Black.

GT Tour Rack 2018 Goldwing Trunk
Part # 52-936 Chrome
Part # 52-936BK Satin Black

#bigbikeparts #bigbike #showchromeaccessories #showchrome #GTtourrack #2018goldwing #gl1800
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Seat Tie Down Brackets From Show Chrome Accessories®

Show Chrome Accessories® makes strapping down rear seat items easier with this custom contoured pair of Seat Tie Down Brackets, which are an ideal way to attach bungee hooks to your Goldwing 2018 - seat. The tie down brackets are contoured for easy use and mounting behind the left and right seat handles. They are angled to minimize damage and wear to the seat as well as for ease of use. Black powder coat finish. Sold as pair.

Seat Tie Down Brackets For Goldwings 2018 -
Part # 52-944

#bigbikeparts #bigbike #showchromeaccessories #showchrome #gl1800 #2018goldwing
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Engine Guard Opening Trim For Goldwing

This black polypropylene trim finishes the opening when you remove the OEM Engine Guard Cover. Ideal when mounting Highway Boards that attach to the case guard such as Show Chrome Accessories 21-353 and 21-354 Highway Boards and mounts. Sold as pair. Easily snaps into place once black engine guard cover is removed, providing a true finished look when using the case guard for mounting.
Engine Guard Opening Trim
Part # 52-932

#bigbikepart #bigbike #showchromeaccessories #showchrome #engineguard #goldwing #gl1800
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Brake Pedal Cover for 2018 Goldwing

Show Chrome Accessories® has a quick upgrade to the 2018 Goldwing brake pedal with this rubber and chrome Brake Pedal Cover. Slides over the OEM brake pedal and secures with bottom mounted set screws for a simple and quick install. Greatly increases the brake contact area, making a safer ride!

Brake Pedal Cover 2018 Goldwing
Part # 52-929

#bigbikeparts #bigbike #showchromeaccessories #showchrome #gl1800 #2018goldwing #brakepedalcover #upgrade #newproduct
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Black Kickstand Disk from Show Chrome Accessories®

This new 3 ¾” black ABS Kickstand Disk works great, as its knurled texture base pattern grips surfaces like concrete, asphalt and gravel better then flat smooth based kickstand plates. Ideal to keep your bike from sinking into hot asphalt.

Black Kickstand Disk
Part # 4-101

#bigbikeparts #bigbike #showchromeaccessories #showchrome #kickstanddisk
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Show Chrome Accessories® Puts 4200 Lumens in an H7 LED

Show Chrome Accessories® has been able to significantly upgrade its very popular H7 LED Replacement Bulb to now have 4200 lumens. Which is a 30% increase over its previous H7 replacement LED and still maintain the 6000k bright white color. Its anodized silver color looks great in Goldwing headlights, as well other H7 locations. Integrated cooling fan with built-in driver keeps a simple and compact design, making installation a snap.

4200 Lumen H7 Bulb
Part # 10-107B

#bigbikeparts #bigbike #showchromeaccessories #showchrome #H7ledbulb #h7bulb
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Upper & Lower Wind Deflectors for 2018 Goldwing

A true motorcycle accessory not only must do what it was designed to do, but it needs to look good while doing it. The old adage Form Follows Function, is a constant design practice at Big Bike Parts, and this cannot be more evident than in their most recent Wind Deflectors for the GL1800. A true Wind Deflector will deflect as much weather away from the rider pocket as possible while still allowing the ability to bring air into the riding pocket at various angles for comfort. These Show Chrome Accessories Upper and Lower Wind Deflectors do all of this very well.

The 3 ¾” x 9 ¾” upper deflector panel mounts below the mirror with a custom pivot bracket allowing 125° of rotation and allows the mirror to fully fold without interfering with the wind deflector. The lower deflector is a functional 4 ½” x 16 ½” tall panel providing great adjustability by the rider with 110° of rotation, unlike the fixed OEM version. Both are dark smoke and easy to install with only 2 mounting holes per panel.

Upper Wind Deflector GL1800 2018- Part # 52-933U
Lower Wind Deflector GL1800 2018- Part # 52-934L

#bigbikeparts #bigbike #showchromeaccessories #showchrome #winddeflectors #bbp #goldwing #2018goldwing #gl1800
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: GT Front Fender Extension For 2018 Goldwing

This Show Chrome Accessories® Front Fender Extension adds 6 ½” to the length of the 2018 Goldwing fender. The added length greatly reduces the amount of road debris kicking into the lower cowl and all its associated dirt, helping keep the Goldwing clean. Made from polypropylene to match the OEM fender. Mounts securely with double sided tape and 2 custom mounting screws with blind nuts for a secure fit.

GT Front Fender Extension - Black Matching Polypropylene
Part # 52-937

#bigbikeparts #bigbike #showchrome #showchromeaccessories #gl1800gt #2018goldwing
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Handlebar Riser Kit for 2018 Goldwing

Show Chrome Accessories® Handlebar Riser Shim Kit provides an easy re-positioning of the 2018 Goldwing handlebars for riding comfort. Made from billet aluminum for durability, allows 7/8” of forward or backward adjustment and 3/4” up or down positioning from stock. Comes with all required hardware and instructions.

Handlebar Riser Shim Kit for 2018 Goldwing
Part # 52-930

#bigbikeparts #bigbike #showchromeaccessories #showchrome #goldwing #2018goldwing #gl1800 #handlebarrisers #2018honda
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