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In it to win it.
In it to win it.

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- The Perfect Flight - 
Jokke Sommer and Espen Fadnes, both Team Betsafe members, is two of the best wingsuit flying human beings.
The Perfect Flight is a tv series where the two adrenalin junkies are travelling the world in search of the perfect flight.
Get a unique look behind the scenes of one of the worlds most spectacular and extreme action sports.
First jump is under the Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil:Wingsuit Flight Under Arm of Christ Statue in Rio de Janeiro I The Perfect Flight, ep.1

Find all the episodes here:

#extremesport   #wingsuit   #basejumping   #adrenaline  
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The Gumball 3000 rally had it's 15 year old anniversary this year  and what an anniversary it was!

Find Betsafe roadmovie for this year and loads of other videos and pictures from Gumball 2013 here:

#gumball   #gumball3000   #supercars  
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 Team Detour doing the Mongol Rally 2013 - 
The Mongol Rally is a 10,000 miles rally from London (UK) to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). The only rule is that you can't have an engine larger than 1.2 liter.
The members of Team Detour is the three photographers Oskar Bakke, Marcus Olsson and Fabian Wester.
This is just some of the awesome pictures the guys took during the Mongol Rally 2013.
For more pictures, video and stories from the trip visit their blog at 

#rally   #mongolrally   #nature   #adventure  
Team Detour doing the Mongol Rally 2013
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- The Air Wipp Challenge 2013 -
The Air Wipp Challenge is a yearly parkour competition. This year it was held in Helsingborg, Sweden. Helsingborg is the hometown of Team Betsafe member Markus "Zyrken" Gustafsson, who was also hosting the event.
See a video from the event here: Betsafe - The Air Wipp Challenge 2013 

#parkour   #competition   #freerunning  
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In it to win it!
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