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Bernie Hough
Life is fantastic ! ! !
Life is fantastic ! ! !


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Cameron decided that he wants to try a bit of chili sauce before bed. :-) Get yours from Amazon

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Facebook Account Hacks - Do yourself a favour and have a quick read

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This is my first little blog post in a very long time.

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TrendMicro has revealed that there are known vulnerabilities present in QuickTime. Apple has confirmed they will no longer issue updates to QuickTime for windows clients. It is recommended that you go and check immediately wether you have QuickTime installed and uninstall it without delay.

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5 Bedroom New Build - Girton, Cambridge

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This is pretty awesome

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In this episode of TWIG, Steve Gibson appears as a guest to discuss Tim Cook's letter to IPhone customers.

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Android Vulnerability Alert.

To all my friends with an Android phone, please follow this advice as a matter of urgency.

There is a new vulnerability that has been identified last week and has been named StageFright and this was a topic at the BlackHat convention yesterday and the proof of concept code was supposed to be made available after the event, meaning anybody with your mobile number and malicious intent, could highjack your phone.

Below will be a link to more information, but here is it in short.

A. 1. Go to messages, then tap
2. Settings, then tap
3. Multimedia Mesages.
4. Make sure you disable/untick "Auto Retrieve"

If you are using a 3rd party text/mms app, you'll have to basically do the same.

B. If you have Google Hangouts installed, do the following.

1. Open Hangouts.
2. Tap Settings
3. Sms
4. Under General, temporarily make Hangouts your default sms app.
5. Scroll down and again disable autoretrieval of MMS messages.
6. Once this is done, under General it will say Sms enabled. Tap that and tap Default messaging app.
7. Change it back to the original messenger app or your preferred 3rd party app.

Here is a link to an article about StageFright

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