Eating healthy at work doesn't have to be as bad or intimidating as it seems. Here are some tips to get you through your 40 hour work week:

1. Bring your own healthy snacks. It makes it easier to stay away from the candy dishes and vending machine when you already have at your desk healthier food options.

2. Pack your own lunch. Not only does this help you control your portion sizes (and waist line) at work, it also helps you save money.

3. Stick to drinking water. You'll save on filling yourself without all the extra sugars and calories this way. You can get a water bottle that has filter on it that you can keep refilling if the only thing available to you is tap water.

Also, one important thing to do to while at work, particularly if you have a desk job, is to get up and move around. Shoot to get up and do walk around your office every hour to save your muscles from pains, and remember to stretch often!

Written by: Charlene Valerio,
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