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Perseverant is live on DriveThru RPG. Very short version: collaborative, GMless story game that focuses on surviving a harsh wilderness.

I know a lot of folks, especially those in +Meguey Baker, +Jason Cordova, and +Jason Morningstar 's circles have been asking about it since it has been shipped out to backers recently.

Now's your chance to check it out! Let me know if you have any questions, happy to answer.

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I'm pleased to announce Clink, a story game written and designed by +David Schirduan and illustrated by +Per Folmer. The SSP team was so impressed by David's design that we just had to do it justice, and we're sparing no expense! Check it out on Kickstarter if you're into non-linear, highly collaborative story games that focus on shady drifters with mysterious pasts.

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Last chance to back Clash of Steel on Kickstarter. Less than twenty minutes left.

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Belly of the Beast is 60% off today. Best time to get it.

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Clash of Steel is super close to hitting its next stretch goal, upgrading the cards to linen (and hitting that nice five-figure number). I'm also working on one player and four player variants as we speak, which I hope to have complete by the end of the Kickstarter. Check it out if you've got $12 laying around and 15 minutes to kill for a fun, low-luck dueling card game.

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My medieval dueling card game is already funded, and about to reach its first stretch goal (more art!) Only $12 + shipping for the physical game. If you like swords and have lots of 15 minute breaks in your gaming sessions, Clash is designed specifically for you (and you might be me).

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Been talking about it for months now, but, we're finally live with Clash of Steel. I'd tell you all about it, but, the KS page actually is about as condensed as I can make it. Check it out if you've got any interest in two player competitive card games.

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Looks very interesting! I'm particularly interested in the City rules.

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My mash-up of The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers and early Christian church history is finally released. It'll be sold at a reduced price for the rest of the year.

Here is the pitch:

He died for your salvation. Killed by henchmen of the oppressive Empire, but his death was not final. Instead he ascended to take his place beside God. For once again to return to herald the end times. He was Hastus the playwright. From his pen came The King in Yellow, part play and part deity. You have seen both, and since then nothing has been the same. While you wait for Hastus’ second coming, you spread his gospel and put on his mad play, but you most also hide from the officials and legionnaires of the Carcosan Empire.

Resurrection of the King includes:
• A swords-and-sandals setting where the mad, underground cult of The King in Yellow is trying to survive under the persecution of the vile Carcosan Empire.
• Play the mad and the bad. Characters inspired by the works of Robert W. Chambers, but set in a different age.
• A story centered on what it means to be at the genesis of a new religion.
• Rules for how cult theology develops and matures, and how the player characters help shape it.
• Over a hundred random events to create the empire's history as the player characters try to change it.
• A simple and adaptable D6-driven system based on Ben Dutter's Ethos Engine. Previously used in Vow of Honor, Hunt the Wicked and Belly of the Beast.

Will you be an Apostle to The King in Yellow?

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Some pretty big news. +Stewart Wieck (World of Darkness games, new classics like Upwind, etc) and I are entering into a strategic partnership.

More details at the link below. But, in short, it'll free me up to do more design and writing. Please spread and share at your leisure.
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