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Only Bell offers the clear call quality of HD voice across Canada.
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I have been a loyal customer of your company for many years. I think it is fantastic that Bell Canada offers many plans ranging from Mobility, Home Phone, TV, Internet and great up to date products. I recently just signed up for another 3 years with you and purchased the new iPhone 5 on September 21st. 

With this said, I have had the worst experience recently. 

I had emailed Bell to get in contact with me about some problems I have been having. They sent me an email saying they would get back to me as soon as possible. but I waited a week and I did not get a response. So I decided to call Bell Canada directly. As I explained my concerns, three Bell Representatives over the phone hung up on me, they grunted and lost their patience. Out of 7 Bell Representatives, only one representative really seemed to care about my concerns. Over 6 hours of my day was retelling my issues to reps that passed me on to other reps, after being transferred and hung up on. I hope you can understand my frustration. 

The problems I explained was this: I changed my plan to Fab 10 Promo 65 - 36M, when I did this I bought my iPhone 5 for about $200. With this, I also knew that I would have an early upgrade fee. The manager at Kiosk showed me two options on his computer if I wanted to be billed with the full amount of $270.00 for the early upgrade or billed with monthly instalments of $15.00 over 18 months. I told him I wanted to do the monthly instalments option. He chose that option for me and I have a printed copy of it. When I checked my bill just recently, I was charged the full amount and was surprised. After I found this out, I called Bell Canada and this was when I received such a hard time with Customer Service Reps. My monthly instalments should be honoured because that is what Bell offered me in writing and as I saw the option given on the computer as well. Bell gave me such a hard time through this and my issue is still not resolved. Not only is my bill a problem but the phone supplied to me is not acting properly and I will have to clear time in my busy schedule yet again to take it in to Apple myself.

I would like to talk to someone from Bell that can please show me some respect, a positive attitude and genuinely cares about Customer Satisfaction as soon as possible.

Essentially, I would hope to keep a strong and long lasting relationship with Bell Canada however if I continue to be treated in this disrespectful manner, I will be forced to choose another cellphone provider. 


Miranda Esteve
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