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Helping You Live The Best Life Possible
Helping You Live The Best Life Possible

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I've just completly overhauled my website. I've created two BRAND NEW & FREE email courses to help Influencers make better business decisions. One of the courses focuses on pitching brands to establish partnerships and the other is a step by step guide to starting a blog. 2017 is the year you can finally do something different. These courses will certainly help you do that. And of course, I will always provide great advice and content on the blog :) Happy Tuesday! 

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The 5 Things You Need To Be Doing To Get Blogging Opportunities
Today, I want to talk about something that I see quite often in other blog posts and comments on the internet that say: 'so long as you're consistent, brands will notice you'. This is only partly true. If partnering with brands is something that you want to...

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3 Ways To Stop That Feeling Of Overwhelm
I feel overwhelmed often. Life is busy but I also have the tendency to be lazy at times, getting swept up by social media browsing and scrolling until voila! - I've lost an hour of my life and the notion of tackling my  gotta-do-or-my-life-will-fall-apart  ...

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Why Brands Are Starting To Care About Engagement
Engagement is becoming more and more important when it comes to social media and who brands choose to partner with. But what is it, why does it matter and why should you it matter to you just as much if not more than the number of 'views' you have? In this ...

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How To Figure Out The Power of Your Twitter Voice
Twitter is an awesome way to keep up with News, Entertainment and overall just being 'in the know'. But, did you know that you have the ability to find out exactly how powerful your Twitter 'voice' is? I'm going to show you a nifty little trick that will re...

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Tips For Filming Your First YouTube Video On Your iPhone
I've been filming videos on YouTube on and off for the last several months now. It's something that I've really enjoyed doing. Right now, my schedule doesn't permit me to film as often as I used to but I want to share a few tips and tricks for those who wan...

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How To Use Google AdWords Your Drive Traffic To Your Blog, YouTube Channel or Small Business {Small Business}
Google knows a lot about people who use the internet. If you want to use what google knows about people to help you with your blog, business or youtube channel, this is the post you need to read! For those that don't know, Google Keyword Planner is a tool w...

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How Etsy Shop Owners Can Use A Blog To Increase Sales {Careers}
Etsy is an amazing tool for business owners. I consider it the farmers market of the internet. People are looking for unique items that only a smaller business can provide. But with so many people on the platform, how can you get people to notice YOU and YO...

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3 Things You Must Understand To Start Partnering With Companies {Blogging}
Hiya folks! In a recent email that I sent out to my newsletter subscribers (you're really missing out on stuff great information if you're not subscribed!) I mentioned that blogging is very similar to running a small business . Blogging often costs money, b...

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The Importance of Focus & How To Use It To Get More Done {Productivity + FREE Resource}
Have you ever started one thing and then remembered that you forgot to do something else? And then, while doing the thing that you forgot to do, you remember there is something that you should get started so you're ahead of the game so you quickly get that ...
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