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Beagle Entertainment System Cartridge Console by +Andrew Henderson 
Fresh off his PhD dissertation, Andrew Henderson decided turn his Beagle Entertainment System (BES) into a tiny SNES cartridge console! Beagle Entertainment System Cartridge Console The Beagle Ente…
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Thanks for the mention, +Drew Fustini and +BeagleBoard.org! I've had a few people report that using the software without any native gamepad circuitry wired up causes BES to think that ALL gamepad buttons are being pressed at once. Until I get new software out, there is a workaround for this by connecting P9.12 to P9.4 and connecting P9.14 to P9.3. Put those two connections in place and you are ready to go! i.imgur.com - i.imgur.com/4C4Jrb1.jpg 
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