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Did you know, India is 4th most vacation deprived country in the world? 63% Indians do not take all the leaves they are entitled to in a year! The year is coming to a close, don’t let yourself become a part of this sad statistic. Go out and explore!

Truck and tanker strike has been called from tomorrow in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Those traveling to these places, please keep a watch on the situation as the supply of fuel and other essential commodities can take a nose dive, if this isn't resolved soon. 

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Check out our Prashar Lake Travel Guide.

Manali - Kaza route has reopened for vehicular traffic.

Manali - Leh Highway has officially reopened for vehicular traffic.

A decade ago, I registered domain name, installed free forum software (PHPbb) and began a journey I scarcely knew anything about at that time.
My aim was to help fellow travelers and road trippers explore India and in particular remote areas like Ladakh.
Few friends joined in within few hours of the launch and thus began a journey, which has lasted a decade, and is still going strong.
While I love to say BCMTouring is my baby and one of my top priorities in life. Fact is, BCMTouring is much more than that. It has always been a virtual family for me, because it isn’t the domain name, nor the content that makes BCMTouring what it is, rather the comradery we BCMTians share, which has been and will always be the forte of our community.
While I will always be indebted to Shamik Banerjee, Salil U., Anup Mathur and Amit Tyagi for being the moderators and the support system which kept BCMTouring running over the years.
Life blood and essence of BCMTouring is invariably you, the BCMTian. And to you, I hold my greatest gratitude.
Because of you, I have met and befriended so many lovely individuals, who have made my life what it is today. And because of you, today my child and my virtual family is a decade old.
So thank you for being the driving force behind the best and the friendliest travel community in India, this journey would never have been possible without you.
Yogesh Sarkar
Founder, Admin and a proud BCMTian.

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Planning to go to Ladakh or Spiti and have doubts? Attend the BCMT Meet tomorrow, and get your queries solved on the spot.

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Do you remember this epic commercial from Maruti, featuring Kargil Maruti Service Center, Zojila Engineering Works?
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