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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan


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If you spent less money on videos and more on proper customer service you might actually be able to better serve your customers. Just a thought.
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This is a story that anyone considering buying insurance coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan should consider...

Earlier this year, my husband bought insurance coverage for he and the kids online through BCBS, As of May 1, 2015 of this year my husband qualified for insurance through his employer though. To make sure the new coverage started though, he waited until he received his new cards. Once he received them ( a week into the month) he called BCBS and canceled the coverage back-dating it to when the new insurance started. He was told at that time that he was canceled and would get the money back for the premium.

Late in May I found, by bouncing a check, that despite saying they would not take out the next month's premium, Blue Cross took out the money anyway. It took numerous calls to finally determine that although they had noted that he had properly canceled the account and processed the request accordingly, the associate had failed to check a box in the system. Since he had initially registered online, it had something to do with this. They assured us however that more funds would not come out and our monies, almost $750 would be refunded immediately. That was the end of May. We also discovered that some necessary paperwork was missing. Apparently you can't just CANCEL something you purchased from Blue Cross, you need to send in a statement from your employer stating you have insurance. He then did that, so we could get our monies.

Fast-forward to the end of June when monies came out of our account YET AGAIN. I immediately called my bank and told them this was fraud since Blue Cross did not have permission to take further monies. I was charged a check cancellation fee, and assured by the back, that the money would not be removed from our account. We called Blue Cross AGAIN and they said "ooops" again. The money should not have been removed and it would not happen again. We asked AGAIN where our refund was and they said they needed the paperwork my husband sent in May.

Now in July we have called two more times. Once, an associate told my husband the refund would likely take 120 days. When he told me that I blew a gasket and asked him to call back and speak with a supervisor, as keeping our payment from MAY for SIX months was not acceptable.

Seriously Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is making money off of OUR money. Money we need. Money we paid extra to keep. Here's the kicker too, we have received THREE letters from them asking us to PAY the freaking bill for June. I am NOT paying money on an account that was previously canceled and that THEY owe me money for. This is a serious inconvenience and at this point I am beginning to feel that they are holding hostage from my family. This is not acceptable business practice and I will NEVER get insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan if I can humanly help it. I will even make sure that others know of our plight so they can make the best business decisions for their family, even if that means buying their health insurance from elsewhere.

I need our money. I should make the request that we get our money back WITH interest. Hell I should ask for the bounce fees from no-authorized removals of our monies. I should ask for the stop payment fee as well. Stop screwing with working families and give us back our money.
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A nonprofit independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is a nonprofit corporation and an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Fast Facts about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

* Total current employees: 7,000
* Members: 4.3 million
* Claims paid in 2009: $19.8 billion

Nearly 92 cents from every dollar we collect in premiums goes to pay for health care services. We keep our business running with only 8 cents from each dollar.

Of the nearly 30,000 doctors in Michigan, more than 99 percent participate with the Michigan Blues.

There are 159 hospitals in Michigan. They all participate with the Michigan Blues and accept the Blues member ID card for health care coverage.

Nearly 2,400 pharmacies in Michigan participate with Blues plan prescription drug coverage programs.

The Michigan Blues have the largest patient-centered medical home program (PCMH) in the country, with 1,800 primary care doctors designated as Patient-Centered Medical Home physicians.