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Did you catch Jimmy Fallon's Batman v Superman joke at the Golden Globes?
The 74th annual Golden Globes just ended, but not without Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice getting a shout out. Jimmy Fallon hosted the awards this year,
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People expect perfection from DC live action films after seeing TDK trilogy. BvS was way better than a good few Marvel movies imo. These first few DCEU films didn't exactly pander to children and I feel that's partly why they get a bad wrap. I think almost anything WB puts out nowadays won't get a truly fair shot because the media makes people think "if it isn't Disney, it isn't good".
Let's see--I could spend a couple hours watching self-absorbed celebrities demonstrate how cool they are, or I could do something constructive. I chose the latter.

Fallon made a joke? Before or after his meltdown?
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