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Brand new image from Justice League!!
USA Today premiered a brand new image from Justice League in their new "must-see films of 2017" article. Batman News was able to obtain the image in high r
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Cyborg looks like he has 164gb of RAM and can run crysis 3 at 12k 120fps
Flash like "wat da fuq is this ? wat da fuq is that ?"
Jon L
That is a really really cool picture right there. So so scared that Sack Snyder is going to ruin this movie too. 
Never trust Snyder. Takes great shots but sucks at plots and scripts. He should just be a cameraman.
+Taylor Williams they already called it a mess. Now the batman movie production is postponed by months due to this.
So it's doomed? Well at least we have the Wonder woman movie
Comicbookcast2 isn't a reliable source for non-biased superhero movie news. They're hardcore Marvel fanboys.
Josh S
I liked the previous two official photos too
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