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Production on Ben Affleck's Batman movie has reportedly been pushed back! :(
Despite several stars of The Batman, including Ben Affleck himself, saying production is scheduled to start this spring, a new report from Batman-on-Film s
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Love the cast, gal godgat included
Use that time to give me my flash and aquaman movie.

Shazam also would be greatly appreciated. Man of steel 2 with Batman in it would give me an orgasm
He wasn't joking WB, get your sh¡+ together! He's the biggest asset this franchise has in their arsenal and they need to treat him as such.
+Joshua L. That's the problem. If Batman goes down then DC is just obsolete. They need to get another character to carry them.
+Taylor Williams​ Nah DC is always gonna be good. Batman and Superman are legendary icons. They'll never be obsolete. The DCEU would definitely suffer but I see this news as perfect. It means Affleck has plans to change the way the bias public and movie critics/news see the DCEU. This makes me hopeful. It def wouldn't hurt if other characters got a bit of buzz though. I guess Wonder Woman is one of them. Cyborg looks amazing imo, can't wait to see him.
Ok I'm not watching the movie.
+james chin Lol even a stranger knows that's a lie. Every superhero movie fan is gonna watch this one. 
I still don't like Zack directing DC movies. He's a great cameraman tho, I mean it!
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