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rob k
I love Young Justice it's the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤
Someone should put a petition on the Whitehouse page like with the Death Star, you will see how many will sign for it. Also they should do it with the new Thundercats.

Why on Earth do we still getting bad tv shows renewalls, and the good ones cancelled!!!!!
they did it with Samurai Jack, they did it with Justice League, and now they are doing it with two great shows. The problem isn't the toy market. The problem is too many super hero shows pushing their own junk. You can't give a kid so many options of candy. They will throw it up and never look back. During the 80s we just got over the super friends and moved right in to He-Man, Transformers, G.I.Joe, Thundercats and Voltron. But those shows soon met their fate because of little wonders like Bionic 6, M.A.S.K., Silver Hawks, Bravestar, Sky Commanders, and an armada of other heroes to follow. Cartoon network should have road the waves with Samurai Jack (an awesome original adventure), then continued with JLU. They both had the momentum to keep going for years. Even now the toys are selling out long after the shows were cancelled. I think marketers have become greedy and ignorant and know nothing of long term investment. Shame on you for destroying the future memories of these children. Remember you were a kid once and I bet anything you put on your red snow gloves and socks and climbed your living room couch to pretend you were spider-man and his amazing friends!
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