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You only get one shot at life. Go for it.
You only get one shot at life. Go for it.

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The more people take responsibility for their own security... the more free the world will become. The less fear people have, the less needy they will be for control freak psychopaths masquerading as leaders.

People will never learn it doesn't matter who is the POTUS. The POTUS is a fictional character for idolatry. Government is a layer of control used by an elite gang of criminals (fractional reserve bankers) who rely upon your faith in the myth of authority in order to empower their global criminal empire.

How To Be a Crook:

Myth of Authority:

The concepts of "consent of the governed" and "the social contract" are constructs of a mega fallacy called Consequentialism. Consequentialism is the class of normative ethical theories holding that the consequences of one's conduct are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness or wrongness of that conduct. In other words, "The ends justify the means" and "Might makes right".

Most people don't know what morality actually is. Most have been indoctrinated, during their formative years, to believe in the myth of authority. (The Myth of Authority: watch?v=NEPMBSq5dU4 / The Origins of the American Public Education System: Horace Mann & the Prussian Model of Obedience: watch?v=HZp7eVJNJuw) Basically, most people believe morality is whatever authority commands it to be.

True morality is both very simple but also difficult to see through the thick fog of indoctrination.
Morality is consensuality... PERIOD.

Voting is a litmus test for how enslaved the cattle are.

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Taxation is extortion \ theft. Taxation is not consensual. You don't have an option to not pay tax without some form of penalty including lethal force being executed on your person. People are brainwashed when it comes to government. Government is a euphemism for an elite criminal gang that has brainwashed most everyone into believing government has the right to do evil things that nobody else can do. And they have brainwashed people into believing they are delegating rights nobody has to this elite few via voting. The main difference between common thugs and government thugs is what people have been indoctrinated to believe. Those who believe in and defend government thugs are the problem. Government worshipers are the majority and they are the reason government thugs get away with mass extortion and murder on a scale that makes common thugs look like girl scouts.

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Once people figure out government is a facade... it's a front for an international criminal counterfeiting cabal... then it makes perfect sense how criminal low life scum can become president and get caught red handed yet nothing of any consequence ever happens to them in the end.

The investigations are contrived distractions and keep people from digging deeper and figuring out the ultimate con / scam that essentially turns 300 million people into debt / tax slaves. Hell Hath No Fury when people finally see the big picture.

Statists believe in the delegation of superior moral rights and powers to an elite few via voting in a democracy.  So how is it an individual can delegate moral rights and powers they don't have to give?
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