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Barry Cordage Ltd.
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The Barry team provides custom rope and net systems to solve complex problems in a timely manner within your budget and goals. Need help? Questions? Contact Us Today!

"Barry listens to the industry’s requirements and finds the most appropriate and cost effective solution. We are your solution finder!"

Did you know that at any given time and on the 5 continents, hundreds of lives are protected, preserved and saved by great people that use the Barry products, systems and services?

Whether you are in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, South or North America, you will find our great products being put to use.

We have a strong presence with our Helicopter Long Lines and Cargo nets, Safety Netting and Rope Systems of all sorts, Ski Safety Nets and Circus Apparatus in more than 35 countries on the 5 continents.

Thanks to our loyal customers who spread the word all over the world!

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Contact info
1-800-305-2673, +1-514-328-3888
6110 boul. des Grandes-PrairiesMontréal (Québec) Canada, H1P 1A2