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HOT PROBLEMS Featuring Mitt Romney! Romneys are just like you!
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I made this for you guysI made this Poem for you guys and I hope you can use it some how!!! I understand that everyone tells you to parody things but that isn't any help!!! So I made this, and it goes to the tune of "we are young" by FUN. Hope you enjoy!!!!!

Give me a minute, I
I need to check on Todd and Frank,
They’re fighting near the green screen
And they might end up hitting Steve the snake.
I can’t stand that smell,
Dale get rid of that cheese,
Did you see the new intern, did she quit?
Just beg her please!
I know we started this crap years ago,
And I know it’s hard to forget
But behind the scenes and comment things,
The parts where we have to BLEEP.
You know we’re still trying our best,
So if by the day, we’re wiped out.
And we feel like we are trash,
We read the comments.....

Hey looooooook
Someone liiiiiiked,
But that guy said it was gaaaaay!
Oh no waaaaay! Go take a hiiiiiike

Lady Gagagagagga
Made a new sooooong
We should do a spoof on it,
Cuz we don’t give a craaaap! So sing a-long.

Now I know that you’re squealing,
For Glenn’s feelings!
But I guess that Doug, Doug just thought,
Maybe shark, man relationships are weird,
But I raise my voice,
That it’s his choice,
Like team Edward or Jacob,

A nooooooooote
Fooor Gleeeeeeen,
I think your skiiiiinny,
And so miiiinnie, as a doooooolphiiiin!

And for Doooooug,
I hope you diiiiiiie,
You know you looost
The great coooost for friendship nice tryyyyyy.

I see that Gary’s fine (nanananananana)
I hope that Frank is more kind (nanannananana)
But did you read the sign (nanannana
Not autotuning or nanana’s so you’re fined.

(You hear that One Direction? You’re fined!)

Obama’s on my side,
Though that’s Obama girl’s pride.
So will someone be with Joe bide-n
They want more Kanye,
And Lady Gaga’s va-ja-ja.
But that’s too weird so I’ll just let the choir sing....

There’s super heroooos,
Her tolerance down to zerooo,
I hope that they can learn, how to earn,
Respect and how to say noooooooo.

I am too tired for the rest of this song so see-ya!

Hope you use it. My youtube profile is purplekoalas03 and I made a few comments to you!!! Love you all!!!!!

Oh and tell Tom that he really is (well sounds) like a nice guy! He needs some sympathy!

AND TODD'S THE BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i watched this vid on youtube and it was totally awesome! it is like my dream to be in one of your vids!
your the only ones that have explained politicans perfectly,.. robot clones! it all fits now!
love your work, keep it up
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