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Creative. Blogger. Strategist.
Creative. Blogger. Strategist.

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With everything going on these days, I thought I'd put it out there:

"There's a whole lot of hate in the world... I choose to be the one that puts LOVE back in it. I dare you to join me."

Will you?

I dare you.

Join me!

(please share)

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Do you ever take a break from social media?

Just like taking a break from real-life socializing and staying home on a Saturday night to watch movies in your P.J.'s and eat popcorn, do you ever just hide - or take a break - from social media?

I so enjoyed my time off; I enjoyed sitting and watching - smelling, many fires, but I'm looking forward to coming back with a renewed spirit. I will make new acquaintances, and rekindle friendships with the old ones.

T.G.I.F. everyone! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

#hellobiglife   #asocialmediabreakcanbegood   #lifecoach   #socialmediamarketing   #workfromhome  

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Happy #internationalwomensday !
What colour is your cape?

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Here's to reading with kids before bed, coffee with a friend on a sunny afternoon, reading by the fire, relaxing for an afternoon nap, lazy Sunday mornings, and reading the newspaper....

Whatever your "little thing" is, I hope you take time to enjoy them!
#happyhumpday   #btherealu   #behappy  

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Registered and looking forward to +Wade Harman's view on promoted pinterest posts. 

Join in if you're available - it's free!

#Pinterest   #pinteresttips   #BTheRealU  
Free Pinterest Webinar
Have you signed up for the free Pinterest promoted pins webinar yet?  Now, before you say I can't spend any money on social advertising let me encourage you that these tips I'm going to show you will consist of spending only $10-$20 per month to get a ton of followers and repins.

Sign up here:

One campaign I did using this method got over 75k impressions and 42 repins and I spent $10.01!  I've stumbled onto something here and I want to show you how I do this every week on Pinterest!

#pinterestmarketing   #pinteresttips  

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Great yoga workout for first thing in the morning - give yourself five minutes to set up your awesome day!

#BTheRealU   #yoga  

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THIS is why I absolutely adore +Renae Christine - she's the best, YO!

Watch this video and find out how you can get your FREE - yeah, I said it ... FREE desktop scene creation bundle for your biz!  

You know what that is, right?  You see all those awesome Pinterest pics of amazingly clean desktops where all the business accessories are all matchy-matchy?  Well that's what this program does, yo!

Can you say #awesomesauce  ????

Got mine.  Thanks, hun!

You're the bestest bestie, ever!

#BTheRealU   #RenaeChristineRocks   #freebiztools  

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Hey YOU!

B your own kind of Beautiful!


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Love her or hate her, Madonna knows and has what it takes to be the ultimate entrepreneur.   She's been current since she came on the scene ... and HOW many years ago was that?

She's gone against the grain from day one; always the rebel, always in the news, but always herself!  Gotta say... I luv her conviction to be true to who she is!

I admire her success, determination, ability to silence the haters, and how she can re-create herself to be the "it" girl.  She's always talked about and don't they say that all P.R. is good P.R.?

Let's face it ... she's so cool, she recognized by ONE name.  And if I dare say ... I think she's the first celebrity - in my time - recognized and acknowledged by one name. (...sorry Kanye, Drake, Beyonce ... Madonna got here first!)

#madonna   #btherealu  
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