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Macon Phillips, of the Executive Office of the President, tweets this striking image of President Obama seated in the bus where Rosa Parks initiated her quest for civil rights.
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That is a powerful photograph indeed!
thus tying up the geriatric Black vote in a nice neat little package
That's at the National Civil Right Museum in Memphis TN which is at the Lorraine Motel where MLK was assassinated.
The seats on that bus has something in it to simulate the bus driver tapping the seat, as the Speaker plays something like ... Hey you know you cant sit there....

a jarring experience at best
No matter how much anyone dislikes his politics, no matter how cynically anyone views such thinly-veiled photo-ops, this is pretty cool.
yes it is, while there go also to visit mud island fantastic
awesome pic! politics aside, this photo shows how the bravery of one woman started the wheels in motion to put Mr. +Barack Obama to the White House.

Although on a lighter note, he missed an opportunity for a "Texts from Barack" photo.. LOL
Actually, it wasn't "the bravery of one woman" but the power of an organized movement. For example, Rosa Parks trained in direct action strategies at the Highlander Center, as did so many civil rights leaders. She didn't just get tired, sit down, and spark a movement. No-one does.
With all due respect to Rosa Parks... this must be an election year.
no way - this can't be the "original" bus......
Because the President has placed himself on what many consider, including him, a historic emblem, does not make it any more significant than the moment this gesture was captured
it is the original bus. its in the Henry Ford museum in Detroit, Michigan. I'm from there.
+Taylor Gamlin i'm kinda shocked - something that had no significance back then would have be saved from going to the salvage yard.....
+eDDie TK I was skeptical too that anyone would have made a point to save that particular bus until many years later when, I would have expected, it would have been too late. But it's in Detroit. See this:
+Gray Strickland unbelievable
BUS SPECIFICATIONS TDH-3610, Serial # 1132, Coach ID #2857
General Motors Corp., Pontiac, Michigan
Delivered in March 1948
36 passengers
Diesel engine, Hydraulic transmission
Used in Terre Haute, Indiana, 1948-54
Used in Montgomery, Alabama, 1954-71
Sold as surplus to Roy H. Summerford, 1971
Purchased at auction by The Henry Ford, 2001
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