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Solid #Bamboo #Flooring: Better Option Than #Engineered Flooring
Solid bamboo flooring is indeed a wonderful innovation that has changed the paradigms of the flooring world. If you are a great fan of all-natural flooring materials and want to materialize your dream of living in an environmentally friendly home, solid bamboo flooring has no better alternative. This kind of flooring gives an aesthetic appeal to your floor and the whole room as well. Bamboo flooring can add a tinge of grace to your entire home.
Both engineered flooring and solid #bambooflooring are available now with the leading manufacturers. Despite the broad availability of the bamboo flooring products, homeowners these days mostly choose solid bamboo floors. Why solid floors ought to be your next flooring choice? To know this, you need to take a fleeting look at the key differences between these two types of floors.
First off, both solid and engineered bamboo flooring can be told apart based on how they are constructed. Compressed solid bamboo flooring is generally made by taking pulpy strands of bamboo shoots and then compressing them for giving the boards a woven look. In this process, solid bocks of raw bamboo are created which are then cut into distinct planks that are then used as solid bamboo compressed flooring, which we commonly refer as solid bamboo flooring these days. This kind of flooring is extremely string and is not susceptible to wear and tear compared to vertical and horizontal bamboo floors.
You can also find vertical bamboo flooring and horizontal bamboo flooring with the leading manufacturers. Vertical flooring has sheets stacked on the sides, whereas the horizontal flooring consists of bamboo sheets that are laid atop one another. Both horizontal and vertical bamboo flooring are widely used by homeowners, though none of them actually has the same hardness as the solid compressed bamboo flooring.
On the other hand, engineered bamboo flooring is generally made of horizontal and vertical bamboo with at least three adequately treated and laminated layers. The topmost and the bottom layer are made of compressed bamboo which is tied together with the help of a special kind of glue. Engineered bamboo flooring is more complex and sophisticated as far as the manufacturing process in concerned, whereas the solid bamboo flooring is pretty simple from a manufacturing viewpoint. The engineered one is more expensive than the solid one.
Solid bamboo flooring is far more versatile than the engineered bamboo flooring. Both the styles can be sanded and refinished just like the regular hardwood flooring. However, this kind of flooring is also a green option as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and the bamboo vegetation is not affected because of the production. Just choose a reputable manufacturer who follows the European standards but stick to the Asian quality and pricing. You can find reputable manufacturers of solid bamboo flooring without much research.

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How To #Buy #Quality Bamboo Flooring
If you want to buy top quality #bamboo #flooring, please pay attention on this article because a few related tips will be introduced at here, and I am sure you will get useful knowledge after reading it.
Firstly, looking at bamboo flooring color, When manufacturing #bambooflooring, bamboo raw material should be processed at first to remove its bamboo green and bamboo yellow, and in the next step, bamboo cane should be boiled down if its original color is kept, and if it is already coffee color, bamboo cane should be carbonized under high temperature and high pressure environment to change its color, by this way, sugar, starch and other nutrient contents contained inside bamboo should be completely removed, as being manufactured, bamboo flooring will not be damaged by worms or other fungoid easily.
After being carbonized, bamboo will become lighter, however, its performance of bending resistance, crush resistance and water proof will be better, meanwhile, beyond your expectation, bamboo after being carbonize can play the role of purging air.
Looking at bamboo flooring color, if it is natural color and the bamboo lines are clear, its quality is not very good, as for the top quality bamboo flooring after being carbonized, the whole body should be coffee, if the carbonized condition is very good, it would be khaki.
Secondly, compare its raw materials used for flooring manufacture, When checking the raw materials, it is necessary to check the mucilage glue, which is used to connect different bamboo chips together and finally form a whole bamboo flooring. If the mucilage glue quality is very poor, bamboo flooring is easy to be out of shape and even be cracked.
Here is the simplest way to check the mucilage glue condition, just put a small pieces of bamboo flooring into water and then soak for a while, you should compare its expansion condition and deformation condition in a certain period of time.
Thirdly, pay attention on the moisture content of bamboo flooring, In short, it is important to avoid being cracked when paving bamboo flooring at home, so that moisture content is a significant factor which should not missed. For example, if the moisture content is too much higher or it is not uniform, flooring is easy to be cracked with the drastic change of temperature and humidity.

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Pros and Cons of #Engineered #Bamboo #Flooring
Engineered bamboo flooring has become a popular thing nowadays when it comes to interior. Its unique look, durability and environmentally friendly tone have all contributed to the immense popularity lately. It has a lot of benefits as well as drawbacks of owning engineered bamboo flooring.
Engineered Bamboo Flooring #Pros
• Cleaning - It is very simple to clean, you can decide to use a dust mop for daily maintenance or different cleaners. What you should remember is that wet mopping can be quite destructive for it.
• Easy and flexible installation - When it comes to engineered bamboo flooring, you have a lot of installation methods to choose from. You can decide to glue it down, nail it or have it installed as a floating floor. This allows you to put it over any type of sub floor. The floating installation is also very easy and usually those without any previous experience can manage to do it well.
• Non-allergenic - engineered #bambooflooring is non-allergenic, therefore it doesn’t harbor dust and allergens like any other kind of flooring could. If you have allergies, this type of flooring will make breathing indoors simpler.
• Environmentally friendly - it takes roughly 3-4 years for a bamboo stalk to reach maturity as opposed to more than 20 years for hardwood trees. This makes bamboo flooring to be one of the most sustainable kind of flooring on the market.
Engineered Bamboo Flooring #Cons
• Moisture - bamboo flooring is more water resistant than hardwood flooring, but this does not mean that it does not get destroyed by it. If you spill a liquid on the floor you need to ensure than you have it dried immediately. If the liquid were to sink into the floor, it could make it buckle. This therefore means that it is not advised for you to install this flooring in the bathroom.
• Less regulation - some of the bamboo flooring many of us purchase come from countries with less stringent rules and regulations. Therefore it is hard to know what you are going to get. Some may come with significant amounts of chemicals used in its manufacturing process.
• Softness - bamboo flooring lasts for a very long time. However it may not look new for a long time. It easily susceptible to scratches and dents on it because of its softness. High heels, pet claws, small particles that have accumulated over time and dragging furniture across the floor all contribute towards these scratches and dents. If you put heavy furniture on the floor ensure that you use protective pads to make sure that it does not dent the floor.

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Saw Mark #Bamboo #Flooring
Bamboo flooring is becoming one of the majority #floor covering in the market, but the styles are really in a small range, like solid, strand woven, engineered. This gives very few options to consumers. Bothbest creates a new special style for our strand woven bamboo flooring, we send bamboo flooring into a machine, when it goes through, the saw blade will make very deep marks on the surface. Those deep marks have very rustic, wild and super cool looking, just one view, you will love it because it is so different than any other bamboo.
Saw mark #bambooflooring has added the stained elements and saw marks, so the surface is smart up, beyond the conventional style of bamboo flooring, to bring you a fresh feeling. Traditional bamboo flooring combines modern innovative processing, highlighting the natural, free and easy and elegant. Fashion style gives you exposure to a mountain villa to enjoy. Environmental protection and sustainable raw materials do have a good dimensional stability in different circumstances. With high density characteristics, this brand new bamboo flooring is 1.5 times in density over than ordinary oak flooring. Products have different colors, bronze, black, amber, French red, chestnut brown, white wool, and is suitable in both standard Tongue+Groove and Unilin Click. Meanwhile, as an easy maintenance of bamboo flooring, sweeping and vacuuming is necessary. Timing of adoption floor cleaners, and for ensuring that the water splashed on the floor as soon as possible and pat dry.

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Bamboo Veneer: Properties and Regular Applications
#Wood is often the most voted choice for many of the furniture makers as well as home owners these days. However, wood is not a cheap option for many and this is a reason why many homeowners and furniture makers these days choose bamboo veneer over wood veneer for making their furniture sets. Why bamboo is a more practical choice than wood veneer? How to do the regular maintenance of bamboo veneer? Here are the answers.
The best #bamboo #veneer is found in #China
China is often dubbed as the bamboo capital of the world and all of the top producers of bamboo veneer are still nestled in this country. Some of the earliest bamboo products, majority of which are household items, were found in China. Before the invention of paper, Chinese people used to write on bamboo slips. It thus became a key component in spreading Chinese culture. If you thought that the west has never embraced the idea of using bamboo for making furniture items and other sorts of things, here’s a trivia. The first telephone invented by Graham Bell was made of nothing but bamboo. Also, Thomas Alva Edison used bamboo in some of his earliest inventions. However, bamboo has been traditionally seen as the poor people’s #lumber in the west and no manufacturer has taken up bamboo building materials seriously until a few days back, particularly due to the scarcity of sustainably harvested bamboo. But the picture is changing.
Properties and use of #bambooveneer
Bamboo is a variant of grass with a hard stem. Bamboo grass reaches full height in a year. Therefore, bamboo is an eco-friendly resource. Intense harvesting of bamboo has no impact on the ecology and the planet as a whole. Many bamboo veneer manufacturers in China have access to the rich reserve of bamboo found in the hinterlands of China. As a result, it becomes easier for them to use the abundantly available resource to make different types of component materials for modern interior and exterior designing and modern home and office furnishing. They treat the raw materials to make eco-friendly and sustainable component materials which can be used for making different types of furniture items.
Some of the top manufacturers of bamboo veneer in China use European quality glue to bind the materials together and this way, they can easily produce excellent bamboo flooring component materials. In China and in many parts of East Asia, bamboo is commonly used as home building materials. In Vietnam, you could find many bamboo made homes even in cities, and on countryside as well. Bamboo is also a popular and eco-friendly building material in parts of India, particular in India. Europe is gradually coming in terms with the material.
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#Quality #China #Bamboo #Flooring Properties and Benefits
Bamboo has many of the properties of hardwood flooring though it isn’t hardwood itself but a type of grass. This surface covering material has many of the benefits of a hardwood floor and even better. If you are thinking of using bamboo as your flooring then you should understand the benefits and properties of it so as to make a better informed decision when purchasing or maintenance.
Properties and benefits of #bambooflooring
• Easy maintenance- When it comes to maintenance, bamboo flooring doesn’t disappoint. It is relatively easy to maintain and all you need to do is have it swept and vacuumed regularly. Occasionally you can mop it or clean it with a non-alkaline, non-wax, hardwood or bamboo floor cleanser.
• Made of natural material- the construction industry has changed over the years as more people have become ecologically conscious and are asking for products that echo their sentiments. People are also seeking out designs and materials that focus on their individuality and a fusion of nature. This has therefore led to natural materials becoming a trend in the industry at the moment.
• Water resistant- As compared to #hardwood flooring, bamboo material is a bit more resistant to stains, warping and water damage though it still is a concern.
• Durability- If you are looking for something durable then bamboo has certain types that are extremely strong and hard. A bamboo that was properly harvested and is natural and un-carbonized can be very durable just like red oak. You can also look for strand woven bamboo that can be twice as hard than the normal one.
• Style- Bamboo flooring is a trendy design that will work to awe your guests every time they come visiting. It can elevate the elegance of your space and give it a feel of hardwood flooring but that is very distinct and different.

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Strong Reasons to Select Bamboo Flooring for House

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Strong Reasons to Select #Bamboo #Flooring for #House
When it comes to the floor, a lot of people immediately think of what we usually can often see the wood floors, ceramic tile and so on, these common floor in our lives can be said to be everywhere. Many families in the decoration of the decoration when you want a little better floor will choose wood floor, just renovated and expensive home it will choose tiles. But in recent years, there appeared a new type of floor, renovated home to a lot of new options that bamboo flooring.
As the name suggests, #bambooflooring is bamboo as raw material made out of the floor, then why this new type of bamboo flooring will get so many people love it? This bamboo flooring in the end what is a good strategy? First, the first point is that many people choose bamboo flooring reason, it is because bamboo flooring for adjusting the temperature have a good help. Because of the relatively low thermal conductivity of bamboo, bamboo itself will not produce heat or refrigeration, so the maximum benefits from the production of bamboo flooring is warm in winter and cool in the summer but very.
Of course, for some of the appearance of the #floor requires renovation are concerned, there are bamboo flooring is definitely an advantage that they really like. That is bamboo flooring in color what color basically does not exist. Natural bamboo flooring lines very clear and there is no flooring so obvious color difference. So there are certain requirements for the appearance of the decoration who believe that bamboo flooring can be given to you the decoration to bring great convenience. Of course, more consumers choose a floor, when more is to get a relatively high cost opportunities. Compared to other wood flooring bamboo flooring is much longer service life, the basic time is more than 20 years, not only that, if properly maintained, then life can also be extended to note that in normal use process, bamboo flooring do not be caught in the rain or exposure, which will affect the time of bamboo flooring.
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#China #Bamboo #Flooring Supplier Top #Brand

Today, bamboo flooring With a wide variety of species and a very superior advantages gained more and more consumer choice, and bamboo flooring brand in the market, more and more, the rapid growth in the number of brands at the same time also it gives consumers more questions, how to choose their own bamboo flooring brand? Here we recommend a brand of bamboo flooring, we believe give us a different surprise.

As the industry leader bothbest bamboo flooring in the early days had been hoping Yong industry pioneer, in 2007, Bailey became the first #bambooflooring industry in the province to build the main development center in Anhui Science and Technology Department identified. In the technical aspects of the certification and approval authority, from its inception to the present development getting larger and larger, #bothbest bamboo flooring has specialized in custom manufacturing and logistics capacity of bamboo flooring 19 years, large-scale production and warehousing logistics process which, Gabriel bamboo flooring has experienced many tests and has also gained a lot of success, 19 years of experience as they are now successfully accumulated a lot of valuable asset. Baili bamboo now known as bamboo flooring industry in which the leader, both in the research and development of bamboo flooring, related design, production or sales, Bailey bamboo flooring are among the industry lead.

To be able to respond to national environmental requirements now, Gabriel bamboo flooring bamboo flooring perfect combination of simplicity and environmental protection, so that people in the choice of bamboo flooring and also choose a stylish and green living. Bamboo flooring in people's minds is no longer monotonous floor, but a self-assertive personality, embellished we belong to private space very powerful decorating tools.

Bamboo flooring, head of bothbest tells us that, in order to be able to grasp every opportunity and customers did not cooperate, you can do every single Baileys bamboo flooring decorative work, in the early Baileys between bamboo flooring is very concerned with the customer communication problems, in order to be able to adapt to changing market needs, Bailey bamboo flooring often draw different views continue to introduce more new products and decorative effect, so that consumers can have more choices, but also allows Experian bamboo flooring in the industry which has been a leader and unwavering.

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#Bamboo #Decking and #Wood Decking: A Comparative Analysis
Wood has been traditionally used as a decking material for its sheer natural beauty. Truth be spoken, wood is still the mainstream of the decking and furnishing industry as a whole. There are good reasons why softwood decks and hardwood decking have been accepted widely through the decades. However, bamboo decking has in many ways eaten up the market share of the wooden decking. Why did bamboo decking surpass wooden decking in popularity? We have tried to find an answer to this. Of course, there will be counter arguments to this and there are a few downsides of bamboo decking which we have consciously skipped here. But that doesn’t take away the fact that bamboo is one of the most sustainable building materials.
As time passes by, consumers also look to buy more cost-effective and more environment-friendly products compared to the ones they currently use. Bamboo decking was a need of the hour as rapid deforestation led to disappearance of certain species of woods, which raised a genuine concern all across. Bamboo, as a fast growing and renewable resource, has gradually emerged as an alternative to wood flooring and quite rightly so. Consumers these days have become more environment conscious and they always look for new trends in eco-friendly furnishing. If you are aiming at building a home for you and your kids, choose bamboo as the material as it is to date the most sustainable building material known to mankind.
Bamboo decking as a viable alternative to wooden decking has surfaced in recent times. In fact, it has now become a popular choice for all the right reasons. The natural granular beauty of the #bamboodecking products cannot be overruled, while the physical attributes can only be compared with very high-density hardwood flooring. Also, bamboo can be sustainably harvested without harming the natural vegetation around. Manufacturers who are committed to provide minimum harm to the environment and their buyers, the end users of bamboo decking products, also use low amount of formaldehyde, which keeps at bay the dangerous and toxic effects of formaldehyde, including eye, throat and nose irritation being some of the most common effects.
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