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#KitchenParty: Leftover Halloween Candy with Jessie Oleson ( and 5 others participated
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Vanilla bean milkshakes with Jack Daniels rocks .I like mine with crushed Tabasco chilies blended in . 
it is awesome and I can definitely assure you that it brings the fire . Owwww!
+Babette Pepaj , can you believe it ? I mention this awesome drink and all the people from my AA meeting started showing up . they know who's got the hook up :-)
can you speak chinese,
no I don't speak Chinese , however I have been trying to take a picture of your post in order to you put it through Google Translate . I took it that by the " ! " At the end of your statement , that my post about the AA meetings angered you. I apologize if such was the case .
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