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I'm a nerd. He's a nerd. She's a nerd. We're all nerds, hey!
I'm a nerd. He's a nerd. She's a nerd. We're all nerds, hey!

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Methinks something big is coming from #Google...
Google+ is slowly disappearing, and now Google updated its local search results to eliminate Google+ links entirely. So what's really going on?

#Google #localsearch #SEO #searchengineoptimization #localbusinesslistings

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Please for the love of god do not do this on your #LinkedIn profile.

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Happy Birthday, +Hurrdat!
A huge thank you to the clients, friends, founders who helped +Hurrdat reach this important milestone. Most importantly thanks to the current team that is making huge strides and moving the Lincoln office forward into what promises to be an exciting next 5 years.

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Advertising agencies are part of the confusion, as they offer both marketing and advertising services yet categorize themselves as "advertising."
Marketing is the research and strategy. Advertising is the creative execution. Learn more about what makes them different and why so many people get these terms confused.

#marketing #advertising #digitalmarketing #traditionalmarketing

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This +Fast Company video is cracking me up. #resumewriting

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Get the creative juices flowing, catch more mistakes, and relax your writing process by picking up a pen and paper before hitting the word processor.

#writingtips #writing #contentmarketing #contentmarketingtips

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Looking for an #Omaha internship with a #digitalmarketing agency? We're taking resumes for the fall 2015 semester!

Learn more about our #internship program in this video!

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How to Define a Strategy for Your Business

The word "strategy" gets thrown around a lot by businesses and entrepreneurs, but what exactly is a strategy? In the most basic terms, a strategy consists of the steps your business takes to create change—defining an audience, anticipating opportunities and threats, and even determining the best ways to measure your goals.

In order to develop an effective strategy for your business, you need to create a roadmap. By conducting a SWOT analysis and going through the key elements, your business can better develop a strategy that will help you accomplish the goals you've set.

Read more:

#infographic #digitalmarketing #businessstrategy #marketingtips

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"Get more participation by holding meetings at 3 p.m. on Tuesdays." Huh. Interesting.
Don't know when to send an email that needs a response? Let us help you:

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