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Just found this on the Bioware forums...

Marauder Shields:

"He stood in silence waiting, 
for the day when you would arrive, 
to protect you from the ending, 
to make sure you would not survive. 

He only had one goal, 
to stop that awful blight, 
to stop those from progressing, 
into the beam of light. 

Alas he failed his mission, 
he did not have the last word, 
instead he fell to one soldier, 
known by the name of Shepard. 

The ending was seen by millions, 
and woe was spread throughout, 
the world was cast in shadow, 
the world was wrought by doubt. 

Had that really happened? 
Was that just a dream? 
What the hell did we just see, 
and what was it supposed to mean. 

He is in a better place now, 
full of green and golden fields, 
we salute our fallen saviour, 
we salute you, Marauder Shields.
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#Marlboro 's new mascot - Jeff the diseased lung!

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Today would have been Freddie Mercury's 68th birthday.
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Interesting blog post on how language chosen by print media colors coverage of the events in #Ferguson.
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Fuck depression.
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Here she is... Miss America...

From Reddit's Big Bad List of Builds, it's ginga_ninja's "Miss America" build (now known as "The Classic"). Just a plain Human Soldier, but with the right kit, she kicks serious ass.

This video continues my "Big Bad Rewind" series of Big Bad List of Builds gameplay for Reddit. More discussion can be found here:

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Back to the Big Bad List of Builds for a new co-op video - the Human Adept "The Forgotten".

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The worst part is that it is a woman representative who is saying that to succeed with messaging, Republicans need to "bring things down to a woman's level."

I still don't understand how there are any female Republicans at all.
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This looks awesome. "A Brazil for the age we live in today." Terry Gilliam RULES.
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I've been playing a lot of co-op lately. Inspired by an N7 Destroyer build I saw on reddit, I made this gameplay video. The "Iron Man" Destroyer with a particle beam kicks ass.

ME3 Gold PUG - "Iron Man 2014" Destroyer vs Reapers @ Jade
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