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Mike Espinoza (Azlath)
I'm kind of a Jack of all trades, a Master of some.
I'm kind of a Jack of all trades, a Master of some.


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Hey everyone, it's been quite a while. I've been bussy getting ready to bring you some big surprises in October.
In the meantime, here is a short story by Edgar Clement, translated to English (it was published in Heavy Metal in 2017)

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Last chance to get this cool game!
The Zombie World Kickstarter ends tonight! We've raised over $40,000, funded the core game and the expansions, and unlocked nearly 30 Kickstarter Exclusive cards. Come join us for the final day of the campaign!

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Hey community, what do you look for, or expect from, a campaign setting? And what would you like to see that would be different?

Hey community, what do you all look for in a D&D campaign setting? Also, what will you love to see that is not out there?

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Greetings, all! The weekly Gauntlet Hangouts video roundup post can now be viewed on the spiffy new Gauntlet Blog! Check out this week's roundup post, and be sure to check out the rest of the great blog posts. We're off to a very strong start!

Thanks to all our Gauntlet Hangouts videos GMs, facilitators, and players this week, including: +Agatha, +Ary Ramsey, +Asher Silberman, +Bethany Harvey, +blaise hebert, +Brian Wille, +Catherine Ramen, +Christo Meid, +Daniel Lewis, +Darren Brockes, +David LaFreniere, +Ellen Saxon, +Fraser Simons, +Hannah Banks, +Horst Wurst, +Jen Overstreet, +Jesse Abelman, +Jim Crocker, +Keith Stetson, Kira Magrann, +Klint Finley, +Kyle Hodnett, +Larry S, +Lauren McManamon, +Leandro Pondoc, +Lowell Francis, +Maria Rivera, +Mark Causey, +Matthew Doughty, +Michael G. Barford, +Michael Mendoza, +Mikael Tysvær, +Mike Espinoza, +Noella Handley, +Pat Perkins, +Patrick Knowles, +Pawel Solowczuk, +Richard Rogers, +Richard Ruane, +Robert Angus, +Rubin Levinson, +Ryan Windeknecht, +Sidney Icarus, +Stephen Karnes, +steven watkins, +Tomer Gurantz, +Walter German, and +Yoshi Creelman.
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¡Arranca la campaña de Zombie World! Un juego de rol de apocalipsis zombi con mecánicas de cartas desarrollado por +Magpie Games ¡Y tengo el honor de hacer la maquetación!

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Z-Day is here! A PbtA card-based zombie apocalypse game by +Magpie Games And I have the honor of doing layout for this project. Check it out!
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Pues no está en español, pero se los comparto porque estoy haciendo la maquetación y eso me emociona mucho =) #ZombieWorld
Only six days until Z-Day (Tuesday, July 17th)... the launch of our new Kickstarter for Zombie World, a card-based roleplaying game that throws you and your friends into a zombie apocalypse!

Check out the preview here:

I'm really excited about Zombie World for a whole bunch of reasons:

- Zombie World is based on the Powered by the Apocalypse engine (Urban Shadows, Masks, etc) but it uses cards instead of dice, allowing us to put a whole rpg (rulebook/cards/sheets) into a small box

- Character creation takes just minutes, and you can jump into the zombie apocalypse with a whole big group (up to six or eight) with minimal prep

- It's the first game (!) I've designed with my fellow Magpie, +Brendan Conway, the creator of The Last Days of Anglekite and Masks: A New Generation

- Marissa Kelly and Mirco Paganessi put together some amazing art for the game, and Miguel Ángel Espinoza did a bunch of amazing layout (with help from +Sarah Richardson)

- There's a bite deck that doesn't get reshuffled until someone gets bit... making it one of the most tense mechanics I've ever seen in an rpg

So let us know what you think! And I hope you'll back the project when it launches next week on Tuesday, July 17th!

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Mexican Werewolves!
Like werewolves? In Los Cazados, play werewolves who hide among the mortal populace, trying to keep an ancient enemy from rising up & destroying the border between this world and a realm of spirits and monsters. Check out this Urban Shadows minigame here:
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Un pequeño playtest de mi juego #NahualRPG, con el señor Edgar Clement (creador de los comics donde se basa el juego) como jugador. ¡Es como jugar Star Wars con George Lucas! XD
Un nuevo playtest de #NahualRPG, ¡éste en español y con el mismísimo Edgar Clement como jugador!
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