Did you get a health insurance refund that you didn't expect?

If you did, you can thank the Affordable Care Act. When you buy
health insurance, the percentage of your premium dollars that your
insurance company spends on providing you with health care (as opposed
to what it spends on administrative, overhead, and marketing) is called a "Medical Loss Ratio." The Affordable Care Act limits how much of your premium dollar your insurer can spend on things besides your care. They’re supposed to give you a rebate on the portion of premium that was over the limit. The law requires insurers selling policies to individuals or small groups to spend at least 80% of premiums on direct medical care (and efforts to
improve the quality of care). Insurers selling to large groups (usually
50 or more employees) need to spend 85% on care and quality
improvement. The Medical Loss Ratio part of the Affordable Care Act kicked in this year. So far, about 400,000 Arizona residents with private insurance
coverage received a total of almost $28M in refunds from insurance
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