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Do you support the possibility of buying items inside the Ingress-Store?
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October is the start of the shooting star season. At the beginning of October, the earth is moving through a swarm of meteorites left by the comet P21/ Giacobini-Zinner. There is no better moment to let starbursts bloom, so let’s work together and build as many starbursts as possible! The city with the largest starburst will be the winner of the StarBattle of Draconids.

That was the idea that came up two months ago; the word went quickly around the globe and more and more cities joined the group.

With the start of October 6th in Australia, the first stars also appeared on intel. Over the next 48 hours over 1000 agents created the most beautiful starbursts in over 100 cities around the world resulting in more than 39k links all together.

Some stats:

Largest Starburst: Wachtebeke, Oost-Vlaanderen 2272 Links
Longest Links: Franciac, Girona, Spain 206k km link length combined
Single Agent: Anglesey, Wales,UK. 175 Links - Agent drove 140 miles
Top Country: Germany 9791 Links
Top Mountain Portal: Chelyabinsk, Russia 1480 Links
Top animal themed Portal: Austin, TX 929 Links
Top star themed Portal: Genève 824 Links

More Stats:

The amazing SitReps:

Thank you to all agents who joined us for the StarBattle. :) It was a huge fun to see all your starbursts and hear your stories!

#vanguard #ambassador #ingress #Niantic #StarbattleofDraconiden

+Andrew Krug +Dominik Schönleben
StarBattle of Draconiden
StarBattle of Draconiden
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A star is born ... or something which one could call it. On Saturday, October 6th, Munich was part of a wonderful world wide event. The portal of a local astronomical observatory was used for this happening.
Many thanks to all the agents on site, and the organizing agents that launched the whole spectacle.

Links: 303
Duration: 1,5 hours

2 Photos - View album
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Dear +NIA Ops, +Ingress and +Niantic.

The fact that Ingress and Pokemon GO is plenty of bad players spoofing and using bots to farm, sell items and so on is nothing new for all the community.

But since Niantic had a HUGE ammount of money increased because of the launching of Pokemon GO, and the following increasing of bad players searching for portals to turn in Pokestops in remote countries and towns, we had some hope of NIAOPS get better place for investigating and punishing of this kind of player, but what we see is the increasing of the spoofers, bots, and its making impossible to play in some areas with great ammount of portals, because this spoofers level up their bots in those cities. We had here in Brazil two recent takedowns of huge fields, one blue and one green, both with players with name "Agent-xxxxxxx", where x is a lot of numbers (7 of them, random).

Asking for help of people with more information than me, we were able to find some relevant info about a lot of this players. You will ask me, how this information was gathered? I tell you. SCRAPPING. The famigerated scrapping tools made us get info and do your job, that was supposed to investigate and punish bad players. We, mere mortals, can see clearly that we have some places specialized in nest bot players, and have farms for bots uniquely dedicated to this kind of task, infinite farm. Some of this bots are sold to people who use them to take down specific fields, to disappear right after. Some of them are used to get some space in inventory.

But the thing is: Even for us, is easy to identify bad players. Whats the problem with you to make this job well? If you have not enough people to investigate WELL this kind of situation, why not hire some people from local active communities around the world to help you to solve this kind of case and make a better game? Why not make councils of players in some countries, crossfaction to ensure smoothness and mutual agreement to solve cases of bad gaming? Why do you preffer to see a lot of good players, avid to give you money and time to play your games and do NOTHING to get it better?

We are sick of seeing this kind of thing happening over and over again, making efforts of tens of thousands of people going to the trash, spending money, time, efforts planning, engaging, to see bad players taking down our long planned fields from their beds.

Follows attached a spreadsheet with info about players, nests of farming and leveling of bots. Its not complete, because its a lot of info to gather, its under construction, but you can have an IDEA of whats going on. I beg you, please, DO SOMETHING! You are losing a LOT of good players doing NOTHING!
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Finishing work and heading out for a long walk, skipping college to go break that BAF, travelling long distances with buddies and fighting over who would get uniques...these were the highlights of a GAME called Ingress. That was back when people just considered it a game.

Reading through previous responses to various AMAs and posts that reference physical assaults, we found NIA's and other representative's suggestions to range between reporting to local authority and reporting to NIA. This time we're trying both.

What would be the response, if I tell you that there are 2 wonderful agents, L16 @Captsaxena (+Rohit Saxena) and L14 @Fluffymonster (+Rachit Saxena) (Playing since the beginning of Ingress), who have frequent hostile communications on COMM repeatedly with people from same and opposite faction. Now COMM messages can be blocked, but what will we do when they track us using our activity and physically assault us over breaking their portals ?
A number of our agents have been victims to the brutality of these senior agents one of whom even has a kid near our age. They didn't even shy away from threatening a 14yr old kid with a baseball bat and then chasing after the agents in a car. We have posted against them multiple times.
Most recently on 24th September 2017, another one of our agents was snatched out of a public vehicle and slapped across the face for breaking some portals by +fluffymonster just a day after his brother +captsaxena had threatened the same agent in front of 20+ agents of both factions.
An FIR against both the agents has been lodged for aggravated assault and death threats with the testaments of the accompanying agent and the Public Vehicle driver.
We are asking on behalf of both the factions, for action to be taken against these 2 agents by terminating their accounts. Their tyranny has gone on long enough. It's about time that NIA showed that they care about the safety of their agents.
+NIA Ops +John Hanke +Andrew Krug +H. Richard Loeb +Haerang Dong +Pooja Srinivas
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#Liwest #Werbung #NotGood

Wie kommt man auf solche Ideen ?

Ich finde es sehr unangebracht das Ihre Mitarbeiter unsere Postkästen mit Werbeaufklebern neu gestalten !

Wie kommt man darauf das man fremdes Eigentum ungefragt mit Aufklebern beklebt ?

Können Sie mir dafür eine Erklärung geben ?

>>> Bitte teilen >>>
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Der FS steht vor der Tür.

Um was geht es dabei?
Neue SpielerInnen können einerseits recht flott ein paar Level machen, mit erfahrenen SpielerInnen Ingress kennenlernen und dabei andere Frösche (ENL) & Schlümpfe (RES) treffen!
Natürlich ist es höheren Agenten auch erlaubt zu leveln. 😉

Am Ende wird verglichen, welche Fraktion mehr Levels gemacht hat und wie wir international abschneiden.

Wichtig! Der Spaß steht im Vordergrund.

Treffpunkt ab 09:00 Uhr beim angegebenen Punkt auf der Karte für ein gemütliches Tratschen und Quatschen.

Um 10:30 machen wir ein Gruppenfoto, direkt danach beginnt die Registrierung.

Ab 11:00 gehts los: Ihr habt genau 1 Stunde Zeit um so viel wie möglich an Level dazu zu gewinnen.

Auswertung der Aufstiege und dazugewonnene AP gibt es zwischen 12:00 und 12:30 Uhr.

Wer will kann nach der Verkündigung der SiegerInnen noch mit essen kommen. Location werden wir uns noch im Telegram Chat dafür ausmachen 😉.

Dort wird es auch die Möglichkeit geben Ingress-Biocards mit anderen AgentInnen zu tauschen - nehmt einfach auch eure Sammlung mit.

Mögliches Schlechtwetter haben wir natürlich im Kopf und behalten die Wetterprognosen im Auge. Näheres dazu, sobald wir etwas näher dran sind.

Gibt es Fragen oder etwas anderes? Bitte kommentieren.
Kontaktpersonen & Veranstalter sind:
+Roland Weber (Krawutzikaputzi))​ für RES
+axizweiundneunzig (axi92) für ENL.

Des Weiteren haben wir für den First Saturday Vienna eine eigene Website eingerichtet, diese erreicht ihr unter

Dort findet ihr alle Infos zum aktuellen Wiener First Saturday. Unter anderem übersichtlicher als hier. ;)
Weniger anzeigen
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You have a mission this September, and a unique and memorable reward awaits you at the end of this quest.

History is filled with great adventures. Some of the earliest such as The Odyssey by Homer are the stuff of legends. We want you to experience more of the world around you, meet new people, make new friends, and organize trips to places that you have yet to visit and explore. Create your adventure in the real world with Ingress.

Visit 300 new unique portals during the month of September to earn the Via Lux Adventurer medal. This medal will serve as a celebration of the experiences you found along the way.

The top 25% of those who exceed 300 new unique portals visited will instead earn a special version of the medal: The Lux Odyssey… a permanent testament to your epic voyage.

Share your adventures this September on social media using #Ingress and #LuxAdventure.

* All time Unique Portal Visits starting Sept 1st 00:01:00 UTC and ending Sept 30th at 23:59:00 UTC will count toward this medal.
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Join us in Budapest on 24/09/16 and help us win the new series!

Sign up at

Also watch this space for news regarding a possible mission day on 25/09/16.
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