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Hi everyone, Tom Kulzer here from AWeber. I'll be answering your email marketing questions from 2pm - 3pm, so let's get started! Just leave a comment below with your questions, and I'll respond shortly with an answer.
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Love the e-mail marketing campaign PDFs. Very helpful and informative.Wondering if there will one for service businesses, coaches, etc.
Hi Barbara, we're constantly putting together new ones based on requests and where we see need. Is there a specific area of coaching that you practice? That could vary significantly in coverage. -Tom
My concentration is mainly in the area of personal and professional development.
Lots of us Stampin' Up! Demonstrators are switching from Constant Contact to A-Weber .... wondering if we could talk you into something that uses our Designer Paper backgrounds or focuses on rubber stamping?
+Celia Cawthon Are you referring to email templates? They can be easily customized to have any kind of background that would work for your niche. If you have specific examples of Designer Paper backgrounds I'd love to see them. -Tom
whats the best way to learn email marketing where should i start in the tutorials?
When can we change the language of the confirmation mail? Because a part you cannot change.
+Tom de Haan Multilingual confirmation messages are not currently supported. We're constantly making improvements to the system and additional languages is high on the list.
but you know customers like me are asking this for years now. can you predict when this updates?
I'm sorry .... did my post get lost? Do you think I'll be able to format my newsletters and invitations using Stampin' Up! images?
+Tom de Haan There are many factors that go into why we do or don't do certain things and when they are completed. We don't publish time frames for future product changes. -Tom
i understand, keep me updated! Have a nice day
+Celia Cawthon Images are images, you can add any image you'd like to a template. Either our stock templates or your own template should work. -Tom
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