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The Questions and Answers series continues. Find out how a phishing website can get access to your account number and how you can prevent virus attacks besides installing antivirus software.

Also, we would like to know What questions do you have about security? Let us know and we might answer them in future TechBlog posts!

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How comes Anti Avira didn't detect the Flame virus?  Do antivirus companies make viruses so consumers will continue buying their products?
Hi Micheal. Thanks for the question.
We detected the Flame virus quite early however since it was so new, our software needed the latest update installed in order to remove/block it. The users that had these updates were not affected.
Regarding the other question.. it is basically a popular myth. The fact of the matter is that it's just not possible for an antivirus company to do something like that. 
Correction!  F-Secure were the ones who found flame.
I hope Antivir stays an "Antivirus".  Too many products come bundle with their own firewall. I rather have my security separate than having them under one "house of cards".
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