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This is so awesome:

What Happens in Bookstores at Night

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That must have taken a LOT of work. But so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
I think I saw WA and WA 2.0, sitting quietly in a corner, tracking events ;).

Beautiful. And, indeed, there's nothing like a real book, yet sometimes it's so good to be able to pack several e-books. It's a complementary experience, I guess.
That must have required a lot of effort and time. Very well done.
+Avinash Kaushik, if a picture is a thousand words, a video must be a thousand books :). It took you a whole book to tell us what Web Analytics is doing "an hour a day", while these guys only needed a short video to show us what a thousand books do "all night long" :).
What I love about books is the content, not the form. Electronic books are fine for me. Real books will only survive organically if at all. There's no point making a "cause" out of it. If enough people want them, they'll survive. If not, that's the way of the world. Who weeps for scrolls or chiseled stone tablets?
+Kagan Cengiz They will fight until physical books are published no more. It is a dying technology, and I believe it will die a long slow death. I still use books, but when it comes to school, all of my text books are too heavy. My laptop and phone contain all of my text books.

The convenience of digital books is wonderful!
I want to respect this video, but what a bloody waste of time :|
It was fun to watch.Thanks.
+A. Scott White and +Nicholas Nadon i am a digital book client too. I don't make a cause out of digital technology replacing the previous one! I sometimes think of it as it happened in transportation or any other technology such as motor vehicles replacing carriages. We fly overseas and even land on the moon, but we still love horses don't we?!
Unfortunately +Kagan Cengiz , we quit landing on the moon and that was with 1960s technology... But that is another topic, But agreed....
Not really. There are still ongoing both manned and robotic mission/ projects for the moon with the current technology but yes... definitively another topic.
It seems like a lot of work went into this.
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