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Blast from the past...

What is the Internet, Anyway?

A clip from 1994. It is h i l a r i o u s!

During a commercial break during on the morning Today show  Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric were confused about how to say the @ sign.  

Then they also ask around "what is the internet, anyway?"  Someone answers off-camera. You have to listen to the answer!

The one minute thirty seconds discussion seems so funny now. But it is also a reminder of fresh and new the Internet it. 

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Classic, every 7 years the Internet changes so much it is almost unimaginable. Think about pre-google, or pre-Facebook or pre-yahoo back in the day.
Its true, its a new era.  Its hard to imagine where life will take us next.  I'm sure it will look very different 10, 20, 50 years from now. 
The internet is on computers now?
I remember my first Internet connection Dial up September 1994. Today gives me a smile
I guess they have learnt by now
it's a super-highway made up of tubes.
the internet is porn.... right?
people use it primarily for their bating sessions?
am i wrong
Wow from my point of view that sounded dumb, well then again because i know what the internet is, yea and thats why.
What is Google Plus anyway?
+Matthew Kiel that is toataly correct there is alot of porn now a days and its bad because since much of it is free little kids gain accsece to it. Such a sad world this is. :(
1994 seems not so long ago
I admire and respect Gumbel but he came off like such an ignorant myopic douche in this vid
+Juan Ayala it's a sad world that in this day and age whereby we communicate via computer, a computer that can even spellcheck, that people still have so many issues.
On the porn issue; as per almost all forms of media, the sex industry progressed the technology, look at the history of vhs, written word, etc. The Romans even had depictions on family walls! As for children having access; it is the responsibility of the adult paying for the internet to educate the child and also ensure the correct internet safeguards.
Years from now someone will post a video of people from 2013 asking "who the hell would want to wear Google glasses?" and the future will laugh at us like we're laughing at this video
+Jesper Carig Just think if you could travel back in time 20 years and showed them a Nexus 7, or any mobile (although you would have no signal)... Aliens!!!
I was confused about who Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel were.  Thanks for clearing that up. 
So true +Chris Brown I read it in a book. At first I thought it was going to be about greek culture but yea... umm... it had porn in it.
The guy on the couch looks a lot like Avinash.
Forwarding this on to more people, this is a classic
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