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How passionate are Google employees?

A lot.

This video is eight years old. It was shot by Googlers from around the world, and reflects the amazing spirit, diversity and smarts that power this company.

Google has many many more employees now, and many more offices. But as I travel around the world (from Santiago to Toronto, from London to Shanghai) I feel that there is a common Googliness that still powers them all. 

Here's perhaps the most surprising thing about the video: Many of these people are still working at Google, eight years later.

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Haha I was just checking that out - I think it started from +Oliver Deighton's email just now!  Wonderful.
While there are always things to complain about, it truly is a special place to work/one of the few examples of corporations that still exist, in large part, to serve their employees as much as the other way around.  I've never actually met the founders, but if I did, I'd take the time to thank them for it.
Yes, I agree they have passion. With this much of passion they could have gone either into tech industry or music. After watching (hearing) them I know now that they made the right choice.
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