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Is Your Brand Magnificent At Digital Marketing?

My latest blog post,, is sourced from the real world pain of observing, up close, some of the best companies in the world miss the boat on digital. That sounds crazy in Dec 2012, right?

The post is my attempt at simplifying the insane complexity, from a strategic perspective, and create a diagnostic framework that you can use to figure out 1. If you have all the key elements required to succeed, 2. Identify the gaps in your digital engagement and acquisition portfolio and 3. End up with clear marching orders for your team/agency.

The picture below (not in the post, just for my social followers!) summarizes the framework. Please see the post,, for a detailed how-to guide. 

Get ready to blow up 2013 when it comes to digital and your brand!!
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#offtherecord  Been preaching this pretty religiously from the inside, easier said than done but I keep plugging away.
The coverage percentages by search category will definitely get a CxO's attention! Great way to frame it.
I like your PC/RC split as it is elaborate and inspiring. Let me propose another more simple one based on "production" rather than "reception": Create / Dialogue.

From a company's point of view, creating a strategy is a lot about the means involved (I don't mean you don't need a cleat objective). And on this premise, I think there is wide divide between creating content, and sharing this content.

Furthermore, I believe we might see in teh near future a convergence between TV and Internet, bridging the feedback divide you’re representing.
+Mathieu Morio  Thanks so much for the feedback Mathieu, and the suggestion for alternative names. I'm going to play with the new names.
+Avinash Kaushik great post and very useful! While I did see that you have mentioned some brands who are doing a good job like Innocent and ESPN, do you have any examples of high-technology companies getting it right from a digital marketing perspective? Thanks
Again a great post Avinash! Always love to read your blog.

Small note: the link to Innocent Drinks is linking to Seventh generation. 
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