Social Surprises: 1. Email acquisition has quadrupled in the last 4 years. 2. Customers acquired via Twitter have 23% lower customer lifetime value. Hmm.... Social media is not God's gift to all of us trying to get conversions?

How is that even possible in 2013 where so much of your, yes you, personal time is set side to tweet 500 times a day and you abandoned Email for Snapchat last year? 

Ok. Just pulling your leg a bit. 

But if you go to any conference, read blogs, news sites, see social company valuations you would think all you need is social, and social is all you need.


Search continues to form the cornerstone of acquisition growth, along with email. Consistent growth. Then its Affiliates. Finally at the low bottom, Facebook, Twitter etc. Some of this is not surprising, Social is not for pimping (regardless of the fact that that is exactly what brands do on Social).

Custora defines customer lifetime in this study as two years. Not enough of course, but good enough. Organic has +54%, CPC is much lower at +37%. Facebook is +1% and Twitter -23%. Maybe centering your twitter strategy around pimping coupons is not such a clever strategy after all.

You can download the full Custora data here: 

Regardless of your opinion of their data, 72 mil customer data from 86 US retailers across 14 industries, I encourage you to replicate these two graphs from your own data. 

We are so obsessed about what "Gurus" tell us to do, we are so obsessed about single session conversions. Sometimes it helps to look over five year trends and a customer lifetime (in your case you can define that as long as you want).

Don't be ignorant or duped. Be smart. Analyze this!
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