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The Bible: Sentiment Analysis

I've studied the Bible (and have a certificate!) and have had a thought that it is a bit more fire and brimstone than might be optimal. The emphasis is on "don't do this or that horrible thing will happen."  I've of course never thought it was all fire and brimstone, just the balance was a smidgen off.

Data always fixes opinions. :)  Below is a sentiment analysis of the Bible. It is a great visual (a lot more black than red!) and also in a small space shows a tremendous amount of detail. A lay person, or a priest, could swim around in the data easily and go deep and come back up with ease.

Need to learn how to apply this to the world of digital analysis. Maybe social media handles, segmented by countries and the sentiment of the social contributions.  What does this visualization inspire you to do?

An optimal to view version of the graphic:

Update: Here's the source, please see it for more context:
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Which tool did the scoring? I've never seen a sentiment algorithm that stands up to scrutiny. 
+Peter Mancini I should have had the source in my post (will update it now), but here it is: They use the Viralheat sentiment engine, and there is a lot more context on that url. 

PS: Do concur with you about the quality of sentiment algorithms out there.
There is a method of scoring sentiment that is scientific but it requires a comparison to other text with similar grounding and known (assumed) sentiment. 
+Donnie Bryant  I would answer your question but (and tell me if I'm wrong) it might lead to tangential discussions. And I was trying to avoid that here. 

I just wanted to show a great visualization and also share that an opinion I had was changed by data. So I'll stick to that. :)
Great! you are helping us to discovering a path to see the humans feeling (the writers' first) across the history ! +Avinash Kaushik thank you! (After you got the data, how do you made the infographic?) 
The Story of Job is extremely negative given it's median and average per-sentence sentiment. Is that relevant? :-) Is it really about negative things?
I'm more interested in the visualization! Is there software to create your own circles--like the picture to represent Data?... I had a vision of stores around a circle..with Segments of verticals in the spokes/corresponding to landing pages...with a date/sensitivity slider...I wish Google Analytics offered these interesting visualization models to view data. like this.
Avinash, you are definitely the King of Cool Infographics.  Color me continually impressed. :)
What about the " GRAIL MESSAGE " ?

It's even more perfect than the  " BIBLE " ......................
I wonder how holy books in other religions would compare? Are there any with a much larger emphasis on a positive message?
DarwinsChurch if I have to make a choice.
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