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Alphabet Taught To Kids Nowadays

I disagree with some of the letters (k, n, z) but still the concept is funny.

Though this might apply to tech parents only. :)


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Any chance of Nero being replaced by Nokia? Just to remind that even the might may fall. Don't know about Quick Heal and Zorpia either.
don't think kids will be getting Orkut
+1, o2, 3g, 4square, hi5...
I think it's amazingly creative. :)

What would you have chosen for k, n, or z?
See people get it get rid of Crapple!
Our future is their past.
I would use something different for c, to illustrate the hard c, as in chrome, or the sibilant c, as in circles.
i never heard of half of these those poor damn kidsHAHHAHAHAH
For V instead of vista you can put VIRUS.
N. Nero? I'm guessing kids these days wouldn't know how to burn a CD.
هههههههههههههههه جامده اوي
No parent should ever subject their kids to Vista, can't we just forget about it
anything that has to deal with electronics sucks
"A" should be for Avinash. That's what I'm teaching my son...
Can I get a copy of this? I would like to make it into a poster for my classroom. this time of tech, what else would they be teaching.
O for Oracle?. Would kids know about these companies?.
this post is sooooooo tru! but u guys dont go round with the inappropiate. - just sayin
thats so cooool
usb's are from the matrix
i wonder what next years will be like
Nowadays? I was taught the difference between ram and rom almost immediately after my ABC's
T for texting is more like it!
I used to use Nero, way back in the 00s. What is Zorpia? Xp needs to be XP it needs both letters capitalized, Iphone needs to be iPhone, E Mail needs to be eMail or Email there should not be a space, why are the rest in all caps? I agree those three letters, plus five more. I have better tech words. A: Android, H: Hypertext, K: Kinect, M: Megabyte, N: Network, O: Open Source, Q: Quad-Core, Z: Zip file. I could make a better one, and I may.
This site could help.
I want to know what ever happened to the concept of phonics that we were taught back in the "40"s
thank god a is still apple
ha ha very nice and also aman
This alphabet was true about 5 years ago. a number of those letters have changed.
N-Napster (rest in peace)
who add more ?
yepppppppppppppp so true 4 me but i am not a kid
Now, kids, let's begin our lesson for today. Ready? A is for Apple, B is for Bluetooth, C is for Chat, D is for... lol, I love it!!!! :D
I know what a server, java, and administrator are and im a twelve year old!! Little sister btw.............
who are you guys kidding? M IS FOR MINECRAFT!
I can definitely see that, kids now days pick up technology within a snap!
I believe YOUtube should be under the letter U... Is the alphabet even being taught?!
Gabby D
sad 'cause it's true!
wtf is zorpia? or orkut? or quick heal? or nero?or kingston? and how many kids actually use windows live messenger? Outdated list is horribly outdated.
I dont agree with all of them, but it's true
Haha hilarious a new generation of geeks
:O C for "Counter Strike" no1 misses that
that's very funny. I like Picassa though :)
السلام عليكم
its a joke so dont actually show them
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