Social Media Advertising Does Not Influence Purchases.

Gallup finds people use social media to connect with friends and family.  I know that this seems like doh!. But consider that US companies spent $5 billion (nine zeros) on social media ads in 2013. For what?

Between G+, TW and FB I have half a million followers. From practice I have an understanding of the medium, and I believe it is of value. 

But not for pimping, and not for short-term impact of any kind. If your brand is inherently social, do social. If your marketing/relationship officer can give you a few years to see results, do social.  Else, quit. Or flush the social media ads you buy down the loo, it will go round and round and it is kind of fun to see.

The sad thing is there is that little will change. The most prominent button you will see on your Facebook page is "Promote Page" to earn likes. FB knows that most executives just want to see that number go up and will be happy. Even if that by itself delivers close to zero (or even negative) results. 

People like short term impact. But you, you are smart. If you are a "Social Media Marketer", seek companies that will invest in social because the brand is social (or can evolve to be) and will measure your success over the long term. 
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