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If only we can drive Internet Explorer's market share to zero! Think about it, no more murders in America!!!


Great example of data correlations don't necessarily imply causation.

There used to be a time when people were really scared of Internet Explorer's world domination. It could never be beat. Monopoly. Et. Al. And yet just a few years later... things are very different. That's the way with tech. If you don't innovate, you die. If you don't innovate, someone's waiting to take your place. Google, Amazon, Apple... watch your backs!

Source: via +Thomas Baekdal +Eivind Savio 
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plus 1-ing the sidebar. I'm equally amused/frustrated by headlines saying "New tech A - the Tech B killer" as the ones that suggest Tech A is here forever.
I always knew it, now I have the proof!
I know this is going to sound naive but there were over 14,000 murders in the US in a single year? Good God that is half the people in my town :-( 
One more proof that correlation is not causation.
If only we could drive the murder rate to zero, no more Internet explorer!
Seth, if your name wasn't cool... I will have your fingers cut off your hands by my light-saber.
Intersting... I don't use IE!
but in fact, that means that people are less feeling these days which make them looks like a robots ;)
na drug dealers are just getting rarer to find and kill off is all...oh and i hear they all moved to mexico...
the wait time to load a page on IE can take a short nap.,,:-)
only make it scientific now and we're cool :D
all i read was "only if we can drive internet explorer", and i was thinkin in that split second, thats a slow ride, lmao #slowinternet  
internet explorer drives people so crazy that it gives them a sudden urge to kill the nearest person to them!
Hey Wayne - I was about to say that!  You beat me to it!
+Seth Sevenyoln IE is better then chrome? bhahahahaha, man i need some of the hallucinogens that you're on because they must be pure awesomeness 
That's an incredibly insensitive comparison!

IE is far worse than murder.
lmfao, opera web browser is better then explorer
Of course! It's so obvious now that I see the mathematical proof! We need to get this info to Congress and the One right away. Ban IE now! It's for the children!
Definitive data.  Great study!!!
Then there is the strange corrolation between my age and the global warming... How do I stop myself from growing older? TIME TO FIND THE ELIXER OF LIFE!
All jokes aside: This is just a coincidence and there is no real corrolation between your two variables... unless you prove me wrong
I wouldn't be so sure they aren't connected. I've been full of murderous trade while using explorer in the past. Not SDI since I switched to chrome.
Funny thing about chrome... I downloaded it and my computer crashed. My dad kept it open for half an hour before the next crash and in that time he used Kaspersky to kill everything. Kaspersky automatically took out chrome. It could have been chrome, or something else. But yeah, just a story with no biasm.
stats 101: correlation does not equal causation. funny how things work out though, 
I disagree about the causation. People who are less frustrated by their browser are clearly less likely to pull out their semi-auto and cap someone. See?
next up Facebook stock value and murders rate? it's not even funny to compare to those who are murders.. come on
explorer dont matter much when OS is still microsoft dominated, Win 8 proving out to be big hit already
... don't be giving the NRA even more ideas.
Troy High - there are approximately 4000 abortions per day in the world. That's messed up. We kill our own.
i suppose the numbers from the 90's would break the curve...
When was the murder rate above 75%, and percentage of what? Again just more post out of the rear, if get my drift. Bogus graph.
Nice presentation, now take away the drug related ones and show the graph for mass murderers? hahaha
The murder rate was not ever 75%...IE's market share was!!  The graph shows number of murders as a percentage of IE's market share which both have decreased in tandum since 2006.
Angel, can you delete that post, the murder rate is the left side of the graph (14K to 18K), the market share is the right side (%), the intersecting points are the correlations. Graph is 100% correct but showing an illusory correlation. Maths not your strong point?  
+Angel Amaya the right listed in percentages is MS IE Market Share, the left in raw numbers is the number of murders in each year.

It is bogus in that IE's market share has nothing to do with the number of murders, correlation without causation, but it's not bogus by way of putting up completely irrelevant figures or graph points without a basis.

But then again, it was meant to show the absurdity of using charts similar to this to indicate a causation merely by correlation.
Tee hee, statistics don't lie.  Mislead, maybe, but lie?  Never.  Haha!
Cute correlation.  Now all we need is a conspiracy theory to go with it.
Ryan T
Have you used Windows 8 yet? No need to worry about explorer, that crappy software will sink the ship soon enough.....
Hmm I hope Windows 8 doesn't increase the murder rates too
If you use Internet Explorer, you are a murderer. Funny that as IE has improved in both speed and security, the alternate browser crowd must resort to ad hominem arguments. I can defend why I use Firefox, or why I might use Chrome over another browser, without jokes that reek of desperation. Why can't you?
Yes, retarded comparisons and "maths" are not my strong points. 
it looks like whoever using  internet explorer are getting murdered right....
Who are those 40% IE users?  I don't know any.  I have never known anyone that was murdered, either.  Maybe the correlation is that knowing me keeps you from being murdered. 
How can I share this on facebook there is no facebook share-button ??? 
In regards to the sidebar... We're seeing this right now. Apple has stopped innovation and started trying to stifle competition. If they don't turn their business model around they will soon have to spend a decade or so in the woods. Just like Sony did.
+Enrique Gomez Try right-clicking the image, Save picture as... and place it on your hard drive.  Then upload it to your FB account.
The bad thing with IE is Microsoft's refusal to institute update notificatons or automatic updates like Chrome does.

All browsers have issues: Chrome has memory bloat when too many pages where open, Firefox 2 had huge memory leaks, Opera had tons of rendering issues. The good thing is updating these browsers are easy.

IE 9 is a pretty good browser. You can't really be too sour about it.
Yeah, even me I was afraid of that., you know..,. To be part of the cyberbullying, it's the hoootest... ISSUE! Am I right?
And the fact that the "Modern UI" (aka Metro) version of IE10 is a "built-in application" and can therefore NOT be uninstalled. FYI, If you don't know, built-in applications are really part of the shell, and are not separate applications. Therefore, the Modern UI version of IE10 is really part of Windows 8, and is not uninstallable. This is the exact same issue the world just spent a decade forcing Microsoft to give up on with IE on desktop Windows (it was not uninstallable between IE4 and IE6, IE4 first debuted on Windows 95 and IE6 came with XP.). Therefore, with Windows 8 (which MS is going to go insane marketing-wise to try to shove down the throats of those who don't want it), you're stuck with IE. Have fun. :)
I find it so laughable to see people spreading such Bullshit !!
I think it's funny that people are taking this way too seriously.

I won't go on a rant here since others have quite eloquently stated that correlation does not equal causation and I find their arguments more than sufficient.

I will say, however, that I've long distrusted statistics on the basis that they can be manipulated to "prove" pretty much anything you want. Case in point, IE causes murders.

That said I'm definitely no IE fan. Even IE 9 drives me crazy. Chrome has won me over for it's fantastic UI and the omnibar. Now if only certain websites stopped living in the 90's and made their websites work with non-IE browsers. Seriously you people drive me crazy too! Almost to the murder levels of IE apparently.
U r waisting ur.people never change
Juraj S
This is lame. Drop in murders is roughly 14% and drop in IE usage roughly 74%. 
Google is on the same path. 
And by blocking Windows Phone users from a good experience, Google has definitely broken its "Don't Be Evil" mantra. 
Google, I still believe in you, though! 
Though Google play out of the role for Windows but still weaken it with  
 every sense.
That is a great example of correlations not necessarilly equaling causation
that's not even correlated! it's more like you drew a line between two parallel phase, which is not naturally connected. what's wrong here is not the data or the interpretation, but your brain when you drew the link between US murder rate and IE market share
I don't know about the direct correlation of frustration and abuse from M$ use vs murder rate, but it's a novel idea. Does it mean the murder rate stats jumped after the introduction of Win 8? ;-)    
I didn't know there wasn't any murder in US before MS started offering IE.
+aly lamuri what we're seeing is correlation. All that means is they move together in some way. In this case, positively. As murder rates go down, so do we see IE market shares go down and vice versa. It doesn't mean one has anything to do with the other. That would be causation. Correlation doesn't mean causation. But you cannot deny correlation when you see it. That is why we also see that as the number of pirates has gone down, so too has global temperatures been rising. So remember, help prevent global warming and become a pirate!
:O was there an 85% murder rate in US in 2006? well, guess lame comparison if it wasn't ;)
guess there needs to be a place for all that wind to go........
thanks bryan.....
what a gas-bag.....
Baz Bos
world is over populated, i think i will stick to using IE from time to time!
Dont know why every single word has the you know... Xpression,
"bullshit", why is it so?
Dont know why every single word has the you know... Xpression,
"bullshit", why is it so?
Funny how people take this serious. More funnier is that some people say IE is better :-)
Baz Bos
all browsers have excellant features, opera, chrome, firefox, IE included, can't say i've found anything good about Safari, but in reality all Apple stuff is crap, technology is disposable, what idiot spends so much cash on something they throw away!
seriously. there is no saying what will you guys correlate with what...
IE works great for me. Must be a user issue if it doesn't for you.
Now what about those pirates and global warming 
Now there goes the ASS-backward logic but it made me laugh
How to lie with statistics, clearly a bad use of baselines and parameters
This is actually scientific. I have seen for years lots lots of experts trying to convince people for something by using this scientific statistics tricks. This is an excellent example. Thanks for the valuable scientific findings.
Also, global warming has an inverse relation to the number of sea pirates. Let's agree we need more pirates, and I'll start up a parrot farm.
+Paul Smith-Keitley, just a thought.

1, The exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.  -nope.
2, The exclusive possession, control, or exercise of something -nope.
3, A company or group having exclusive control over a commodity or service -nope.

More people use Chrome and firefox than use Safari. As lovers of Android will tell you, the Android phones are not only growing in popularity but have over taken the iPhone, the same goes for the Android tablets and the iPads. And as Apple market share in computers has dropped of late, i'm not and seeing a monopoly.

As Apple isn't the only company making computers, phones, tablets and cross platform software (i.e, safari) i'm not exactly sure they have a monopoly on anything.

They're assholes for sure with all the law suits, but they don't control anything in their arena except their own patents.
+jason fisk your #1 and #2 the only way to get content on an iDevice is through iTunes and is way more monopolistic than MS ever was

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To be honest I nearly forgotten ie since few years I am using Mozilla and chrome
Actually, I think the scientific correlation will show that the murder rate is in decline because less and less people are riding penny farthings. We should immediately pass ordinances against the riding of penny farthings near homes, schools and workplaces.
I never used IE other than at work where no other browser is allowed. i used Netscape before and Fierfox later on. Also Chorme/Chromium.And Lynx. But never IE...
+Paul Smith-Keitley iTunes is a free software, i can't see the problem with using it to sync iDevices. I've never had problems with iTunes but i know a lot of people hate it, but hey.

Fact is in the grand scheme of things, very few people are computer savvy. Most just want something simple to use, where they hit a few button's and it works. Apple is one company that prove that. I create a playlist, hit sync, then ignore it. Done.

[Forgive any spelling mistakes, my eyes are going screwy and if i look directive at a word, i can't see it, i.e blind spot]
+Larry Moore you obviously dont know what you are looking for.. but if you like hijacking and vulnerability use ie.
I new that movie was real microsoft offing people for programing 
very low..............................
Yet they insist on continually going after MS and everyone else for anti-trust.
How did it go? Games don't make people violent, lag does.
It's because there is less time for murder in between page loads without IE.
hahaha this is not data correlation, this is data MANIPULATION, Two very different things.
Ya some real bored folks, did anybody give a s*** about any of this anyway!. Blasphemers all of you..... long live King Richard! Long live

Robin Hood,!
Nice... Let's have some fun with this for a sec... thought experiments.. 

(1) What would be the the direction of the effect if there was causation?.. Murders CAUSE IE-usage or IE-use CAUSE Murders. The more cynical might say IE-use causes murders.. but maybe murders use IE to stalk their prey? Or maybe it's compounded: murders cause ie-use which causes more murders?

(2) Let's say there are moderating variables, I wonder what they would be... Salary? Computer Experience? IT-Policy at work? (ie, you can't install another browser), Education level? The Death Penalty (in some states) also (somehow) acts as an IE deterrent?  (the structural equation model for this would be super fun to work up, based on some more real

(3)I wonder what the data between different groups were.. like m/f, or age groups, or education level, etc..  or liberal vs democrat.. or by state.

Acknowledging all the way that there's a negative co-rel with other browsers, such as Chrome (chrome's mkt/sh was rising).

lol... would-be murderers turned to chrome for solace. 
Seems like everyone is misreading this chart...
For the readers:
This isn't here to show IE users killing out of frustration - This is showing how many IE users are being murdered! People don't change thier loyalties, they get targeted and killed by those that "force" changes in socioeconomic structures through propaganda that breeds hate and labeling of groups of people through false/self importance as the "more cererbrial" group even though they came onto the scene later. Propaganda is strong - just look at how many above were laughing about the drop in IE use rather than being appalled by the number of anual murders... 
For the coders:
(anti ( MS || IE ) == pro ( self ){return "incorrect"}
(anti ( MS || IE ) == pro ( conformity ) ){YourThoughts="being told you think for yourself when you google the word opinion but it is actually turning google into the exact thing that MS is accused of...or worse"}
/* ex. "Dad, why is the sky blue?", father responds, "Google, what's my name?", commercial closes with "Wow! You're the smartest Daddy ever..." */
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