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5 Nice Google Analytics Custom Reports

Sample ones... log into GA and click the links below to download...

Unique Visitors by Page:

Customer Behavior:

Top Converting Landing Pages:

via Search Engine Watch:
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These are the greatest! Thanks!
Jae Jun
thnx. Just recently started getting deeper into GA and loving it. Bought both your books and look forward to applying it.
That top converting landing pages one sounds awesome, Avinash. Will try it when I get into the office.

Also, I have to vouch for uniques by page. Probably one of the most useful metrics outside the normal GA interface.
Awesome - thanks Avinash (btw. - they only work in the "old GA")
I am struggling +Avinash Kaushik when I click on the link it is going to the old version of my Google Analytics - even though I have set the new one to default. Any thoughts?
+Tim Leighton-Boyce Thanks for that - very useful, having a tremendous amount of success looking at GA right now, lots of new things - am currently playing with the multi channel funnels which is proving very insightful.
+Keith Lavender MCF is fascinating. I would love to see that custom groupings interface elsewhere, eg for consolidating organic keywords into 'brand' vs generic instead of using filters.

But I'm wary of the risk of those reports giving us a false sense of knowledge. This will vary by site: but when I check the ordinary visit frequency reports it's clear than the proportion of visits for which we have any history is too small to be accurate. The proportion of customer logins from GA 'new' visits adds further evidence of the problem. People are using too many devices these days.

So I wish that the MCF reports would make it very clear that this is only based on a sample. Comparing assisted conversions with the overall total for the site gives the wrong impression.

I'm also troubled by the 'Social Network' grouping. If you take a look at the settings (for example use the option to create a new grouping by copying an existing one), it seems to be just based on referring source information. So that one is missing all the traffic from apps etc which is probably being reported as 'Direct'.

Again, I think this runs the risk of people assuming that we know the whole story when it's not quite as simple as that.
+Tim Leighton-Boyce I think for all aspects of Google Analytics you have to be aware that it is merely aggregated data and can't be relied on for every detail but it gives a good trending insight. For full campaign attribution we use DC Storm that does track things down to the visitor level and aggregates the revenue by apportioning to those campaigns that have assisted in the purchase or telephone call. (or whatever you are tracking)

Just had a look at the 'Social Network' grouping and I see they are looking at the source as you say, how an earth can you track traffic from apps? There must be a way....

Also in regards to difficult tracking all visits as too many people are using too many devices there are possible solutions for tracking....
Awesome.. I was looking for the Custom Reports & just read your post on Google+ Thanks for sharing!
Hello Avinash,
thanks for this news.
I follow with great interest your suggestions.
Awesome to have Avinash build my custom reports.. hehe
+Robert Kingston Custom Reports in themselves a good reason to use v5 - ability to pre-filter takes them into a new league as power tool. Same with dashboards. Both now very good for task or team specific reporting. 
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