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Are you excited about the 2014 FIFA world cup?

I am!!

And if you are not, here's something to get you excited.....
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I can't wait!
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Avinash Kaushik

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Help! People are not eating fish! Help!! It's a crisis!!!  And OMG, beef!

Ok. Maybe I'm being a big dramatic, but that in essence was the article for the graph you see on the left. It is always a little dangerous to use % changes in your graphs, or to draw inferences on what is going on.

If you are using % changes, try and have context about the raw numbers too. See what I did there? Raw. : ) Ok, back to the story... the graph on the right shows the raw numbers. It provides great context. After looking at it for a couple of minutes, and digesting it, (I'm on a roll today!), you can look back at the graph on the left and identify what the real story might be.

PS: I'm a vegetarian. Over time the rest of my family, who all eat meat, has become mostly vegetarian and a big influence on that was the book The China Study. It is a 20 year study on nutrition and health. It is only $9. Even if you have no plans to give up meat or anything, please consider reading it. It is good food for thought, (zing!), especially if you have kids.
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Give me beef or give me death!  Oh wait, is that like saying I can have cake and eat it too?
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Avinash Kaushik

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True Facts Infography

+Nina Matzat shared a wonderful collection of "true facts," four of them are below.

Each is funny, painful, real, and extremely well put together. The entire collection is well worth seeing:
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So very true!!
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I love taking macro photos, and it is pretty amazing how much better phone cameras are now.

A small selection of photos, untouched, from a few minutes ago.

Hope you are having a great day. #summerwinds
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What an awesome photo shoot. 
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Got questions?
Do you have a burning question about digital marketing or web analytics? Something troubling you? Big or small? Stuck on a challenge at work? Boss refusing to promote you? 

Please share your question with me below and I'll answer them in my next blog post. Think of it as guidance, free consulting and a reality check rolled into one. : )
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Hi Avinash,

Thanks for everything you're doing for the community. As a B2B marketer looking to get more heavily involved in web analytics, I'm looking for a place to start - specifically your books. As a beginner, should I plan to start with the slightly older An Hour a Day, or is that information already in or updated within your second book Web Analytics 2.0? 
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"Dear Avinash: Your Digital Marketing + Analytics Challenges Answered"

My latest post is in response to the questions you'd shared the other day. From dealing with tough bosses to figuring out how to prioritize your focus area to missing keywords to measuring impact of your TV/Radio campaigns to career advice to... well, all your pressing concerns. 

Checkout the post here: And please add your answers as well!
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+Avinash Kaushik are you really from PARBHANI, India?
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Avinash Kaushik

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How Americans Die
The wonderful team at Bloomberg has created an insightful visualization about long term trends related to deaths. The reasons. What's going up and what's going down. The causes (roughly a third of the way in when you see the devastation caused by AIDS, and to one surprising part of our population).

It is here: Well worth exploring. 
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Avinash Kaushik

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Within the next 20 years, you will not recognize America. And yet, will your company, your political party, your church, your police force, do anything to change now to prepare for it?
I think the answer is likely a no.  Regardless, change is coming. Insightful graphs below, from the magnificent folks at Pew,

Food for thought / observations....

Most of the time people won't change because the change won't impact them. For example, the Republican party has a good mix of opinions and people, yet a couple factions seem to have hijacked it. These seven data points should freak them out. From support for same-sex marriage or marijuana or solving for a certain skin color or preferred religion type many current trends will lead to sad GOP outcomes. (And that will be quite sad given the GOP's valuable contribution to US history.)

And this will happen before most current GOP political representatives pass away. If they don't change, they will see the impact in their lifetime. So. Change.

These graphs have a huge implication on who we believe our customers are. Be it Intel, Hormel, McDonalds, Ford or 3M. It influences products we create, services we offer, advertising we create.  

Who is your company's "typical" audience? Does it reflect current reality? (I doubt this.) Is it ready for the reality that we will see in 10 years? 

What are you and I teaching our kids about same-sex marriage and what a "typical" family is (or an acceptable family)? 

You and I will be dead by then, but are we preparing our kids for a future they will live in?

There are so many more insights in the Pew study, The Next America, .

Perhaps one of my favorites is the distribution, by race, of people who consider President Obama to be a black president or a mixed race president. Insightful.

PS: At schools they have attended our kids are learning how to read, write and speak English, Spanish and Mandarin. We are a lot more to do to prepare them for the future, but at least they will be ready in terms of communication.
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+Bob Kinnison why would you be 'troubled' that someone shares their views.  Have respect and allow them to speak their mind without your bothering them about being 'troubled' by their thoughts.  

I imagine if their views aligned with yours, you wouldn't quite be so 'troubled' though...
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And this might be a sign of how afflicted I am, but I'm happiest when I'm doing something productive.  Not just doing anything, doing my blue: I'm definitely happier doing my blue, because it is what I find calming. 

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Have a great rest of the weekend!
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If you have 30 mins, here is an interview you might enjoy.  

Some of the topics we discuss key digital marketing strategies, how leadership should deal with responsibilities, and of course optimal analytics strategies to truly rock digital.

I hope you find it to be of value, I welcome your feedback.
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+Avinash Kaushik  has a sexy brain.
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Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist
Avinash is the co-Founder of Market Motive and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google.

Through his Digital Analytics blog, Occam's Razor, and his best selling books, Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour A Day, Avinash has become recognized as an authoritative voice on how marketers and executives teams can leverage innovative marketing approaches and data to fundamentally reinvent their digital existence.

Avinash has received rave reviews for bringing his energetic, inspiring, and practical insights to companies like Unilever, Dell, Time Warner, Vanguard, Porsche, and IBM. He has delivered keynotes at a variety of global conferences, including Ad-Tech, Monaco Media Forum, Search Engine Strategies, JMP Innovators' Summit, The Art of Marketing and Web 2.0.

Acting on his passion for teaching Avinash has lectured at major universities such as Stanford University, University of Virginia, University of California - Los Angeles and University of Utah.

Avinash received the 2009 Statistical Advocate of the Year award from the American Statistical Association, the 2010 Most Influential Industry Contributor award from the Web Analytics Association, and the 2011 Rising Star award from the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation.

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Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist.
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