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This is exciting: Ad Block Tracking With Google Analytics: Code, Metrics, Reports:

I'm sure I say this about all my posts, but you are going to love this one. With just a tiny update to your Google Analytics code, you can understand how many people on your site user AdBlock, or any ad blocking techniques.

But, beyond that, you can also do very deep analysis of their behavior. You can understand if they stay longer or if they buy more products (or are super cheap!) or if they have a greater loyalty to you because your site experience is less sucky for them... and so on and so forth.

As you'll see from the reports and data I present for my own blog, there are a ton of surprises waiting for you.

Very little code work, a boat load of business insights away. Check my new post:

And, do share your feedback via comments on the blog!
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Avinash Kaushik

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Design is so important. One facet of design I'm fascinated by (see what I did there? :-)) are fonts and choices of symbols. Think road signs.

I'd not realized that the world had coalesced around one sign for transgender bathrooms. See the first one below. It is a nice take on the standard male-female symbols. It also looks like an alien sign! :)

There are some other ones floating around. I'm not so sure of the "Whichever" sign. The half-skirt bit does not seem to be as communicative.

The third one is so interesting. The same idea as "Whichever", but with an air gap. This actually totally seems to work! Such a small thing make such a big difference.

The fourth one I call "Evolution", I'm not sure it works. Do you?

And of course I had to add one ha, ha so funny one. The fifth one is from South Park, I hope it makes you smile.

#designmatters #lifelibertyandthepursuitofhappiness
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The inclusive looks a lot like Prince's old logo.
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Avinash Kaushik

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Great visuals make you go hmm... I know, that is a scary standard to think about. But consider it. You get the hmmm... you got something valuable from the business leader. :)

I've shared variations of the visualization below, this is a new/different one. I love it! The data is for US Population.

Isn't it amazing that Americans started moving west, and for some reason decided to all stop after they got halfway through. :)

Only the most adventurous ones (me!) made it to California.

The map has so much business use for planing expansion strategies, marketing focus, human research possibilities and so, so much more.

An, amazing visualization.

Source: (there are a couple more variations there)

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Mahada al2esm
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Avinash Kaushik

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This tweet from me over the weekend is getting a lot of play: You are going to love it!

On the topic of content marketing, I love this cartoon that was shared by +Thomas Baekdal. It is so, so, so true.

What it's really getting to is passion. We have problem creating content when there is no overlap with our passion. This is also why so much of the content on the web sucks.

So, the lesson for you is this: Content is insanely important for any business, it solves for See-Think and Care intent clusters. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, find people with the passion for whatever you are solving for. If it is something terrible, find people who are passionate about it and they will do you proud!!
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Avinash Kaushik

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You love movies, don't you? And, in addition to hollywood blockbusters you can't wait to see movies about data and marketing?

Ok. Maybe, I'm stretching things a bit far with that last one. Nonetheless when it comes to movies stuffed with a massive cluster thought provoking insights... this one is absolutely packed:

I love being a part of Zoltán Bánóczy's Superweek conference. Really great audience, at a lovely location. This movie is Zoltán's labor of love, and I'm always impressed at how well he pulls a whole cluster of idea into engaging themes.

I hope you love it as well.
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Avinash Kaushik

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One of the simpler techniques I use when I work with tables is conditional formatting. It is my way of making the data disappear, and let the patterns stand out a bit.

An example is below, which presidential candidate lies more. This version compares them individually. (You are a subscriber to my newsletter, , you saw the other versions).

I'm surprised that more people don't use this feature. These lovely folks have created a very nice tutorial to teach experts and novices how to use conditional formatting properly.

They also have a sample file you can download and play along. Check it out here:

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Thanks a lot for sharing our article +Avinash Kaushik! It's funny how a few (easy) formatting tricks, makes data so easier to interpret :)
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Avinash Kaushik

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If you ask the government, or indeed even journalists, why is the experience at an airport so tortured for most of us, and getting worse (!), they will give you a million reasons. Many of these will be connected to their personal experiences or biases.

Yet, if you are willing to look at the data it is not such a complicated thing to figure out. See below....

That of course then results in this insanity:

Will the fix be this simple as well? I'm not counting on it.

Graph source:
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To add insult to injury, Chicago's Midway isn't particularly accessible and can be a beast to get to if you're in a rush. Feels like a conspiracy in play when you're on the two lane freeway exit and the sign for whether you turn right of left at the bottom isn't visible until it's too late. Hopefully that has improved since the last time I was there.
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Avinash Kaushik

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When was the last time a company, big or small, decided engage with you and it was not about pimping you more things?

Especially, if you were already an existing, indeed loyal, customer of the company?

Think about how crazy that is.

Today's Marketing - Analytics Intersect is on the topic of Customer Lifetime Value/Love. It shares three examples of companies that buck the trend, and win because of it.

Check your inbox (or spam folder! #ouch). Or, if you are not already a subscriber:

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I think I did actually receive one or two e-mails that were asking me how things were. And I did think, for a minute or two, that they were actually personal. Something (can't remember what, I'll have to ask Malcolm Gladwell when I see him :)) struck me as not quite ... personal. Upon inspecting the e-mail source I realized they were yet another piece of a "drip e-mail" campaign. And I realized there's nothing personal in it at all. If yours was personal though, then it's really valuable. Otherwise it's like sending a "Merry Christmas" e-mail to all your friends and relatives using a mass e-mail app :). I think.
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Avinash Kaushik

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Sunday inspiration for you... Winners and runners-up from the 2016 Audubon Photography Awards competition.

Nature is always spectacular, these pictures are so breathtaking that one can't help take our appreciation for nature (and the photographer) to the next level.

Make sure you scroll through until you see the "angry bird", you'll know when you are looking at it. ;)

Source, with more pics:
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Avinash Kaushik

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Google Analytics has a cool new mobile app! Totally redesigned with some really cool visuals so that you can be less of a Reporting Squirrel and more of an Analysis Ninja on the go.

For some of the reports, the mobile app, thanks to the limitations of your device, is so much better than the desktop version. :)

Here's Ajay's helpful video walkthru of hte app:

Downloads. iOS: Android:

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Quite an improvement... :)
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Avinash Kaushik

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The Best, and Worst, States to Avoid Income Taxes.

You know at some level that state taxes change across states, unlike federal which are same no matter what. But. I don't think we really internalize by just how much states differ.

Some have flat tax, others have percentage of income, others still have progressive tax systems (high earners pay way more), and so on and so forth.

The below handy chart gives you a sense for how massively different things are depending on where you are. The black dot is median income group (top 50%) and the pink dot is the highest income group (the top 0.1%!).

California and Hawaii have the highest taxes, with the steepest curves (so very high taxes on top 0.1%).

Illionis, Indiana and Pennsylvania have flat taxes. Does this have anything to do with the reality that these taxes are currently caught up some of the worst budget messes in the US at the moment?

The unbeatable star of the show is Alabama. Taxes actually go down for the middle class, rich and then super rich. Alabama has one of the highest rates of poverty in the US (it is ranked #4 in highest poverty rate).

: (

It is amazing that it's population allows this to happen (and RABIDLY votes for the politicians who deliver this poverty).

Bloomberg's analysis is interactive, you can play with single and married rates, you can look at more drill downs. Have fun with it here:
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Re: Alabama and Poverty ... Correlation != Causation.

District of Columbia has one of the highest avg tax rates, widest tax gaps,  and the absolute highest poverty rate (perhaps ironic given all the most powerful politicians work in DC). 

6 out of 7 "no income tax" states (sales tax is notoriously a regressive tax that "hurts" the poor) have poverty rates lower than the average in the U.S. (and 5 out of 7 in the top 20). California sits at #35 for poverty rate.

I don't think you can draw many hard conclusions by looking at poverty rates and taxation. 

Nevermind that politicians certainly employ all sorts of rhetoric to get the middle class to vilify progressive taxes (even as these taxes wouldn't, per se, effect the middle class), but the overall point I'm making is that you can't conclude that effective tax rates by state drive poverty.
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Avinash Kaushik

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I'm really excited about my latest blog post, because I get to focus on how to get each of you to make more money (and, ok, ok, ok, have more fun at your job!).

A Great Analyst's Best Friends: Skepticism & Wisdom!

The post covers why you should make skepticism your BFF, if you want to be a great analyst, and why understanding the difference between Knowledge, Insight and Wisdom is critical if you want to grow in your career as an Analyst.

There's a great cartoon in the third story, you are absolutely going to love it.

So. If you want to take your career some place great, if I may say so myself, your journey starts with my latest post: A Great Analyst's Best Friends: Skepticism & Wisdom!
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Hi +Avinash Kaushik 
Could you please tell us how to find Average unique sessions in a single day in GA?
I know this post not related to ask question..
Waiting to hear from you.
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