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It is always challenging, but such fun, to take on an entire ecosystem's way of thinking and saying: "I think I have a better way to think about this."  But, someone's got to do it!

My new post shares three deeper insights related to my wonderfully profitable See-Think-Do-Care business framework.

You can read it here:

The three exciting, and really pretty sexy insights, are: 1. The idea of audience relationship platforms that accommodate for and react to intent. 2. The massively critical idea of Content AND Marketing AND Measurement. 3. This is a bonus, you are going to love it, check it out in the post.

With See-Think-Do-Care my audacious hope is to do nothing short of upend how marketing possibilities are thought about today (especially with See and Care). I would love to have you in my posse. Here's the post:

#rethinkmarketing #newideas #winlove
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Avinash Kaushik

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462 people shot dead by police this year (so far, 01 jul 2015).

That is a provocative title. As always, data behind it helps illuminate the complex narrative that might be at play. The data is interactive, you can play with it here: 

Even if you look at the screenshot below, there are such interesting things hidden in the data.

Why is the intensity so much stronger in the South? We are heavy in population density on the coasts.

Around half of the people killed were White. The media narrative does not focus on those deaths as much, it should. 

It was distressing to see 17 were classified as Toy Weapon, and 51 were Unarmed. This makes little sense.

Perhaps most distressing was 124 "Signs of Mental Illness". The police are in danger in many of these situations, that is undeniable. We should assist the police by training them on how to deal with mentally ill people. 

The best part of this page,, is that each person is listed and their circumstances. I only say best in the sense that it helps us see the story behind each statistic. Here's one:

Matthew Hoffman, a 32-year-old white man with a toy weapon, was shot on Jan. 4, 2015, in a government building in San Francisco, Calif. Hoffman, who brandished a BB gun at officers in a San Francisco police parking lot, left a suicide note addressed to them that said "You did nothing wrong."
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Avinash Kaushik

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"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

I've written 662k words in 304 posts on my blog. Only two posts were not on Marketing and Analytics. One was this one on Nov 3rd 2008: Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness:

It was a plea to the readers to vote against Prop 8 which would have added discrimination into the California constitution. Sadly, it passed. 

But, if anything that failure in California accelerated the process of legalizing gay right across the country. There were many other cases, many small and big victories. And, today, the biggest one.

I'm delighted for all my peer citizens of the United States. 

Much work still remains. It is still legal in numerous US states to fire someone just because they are gay. In other states (this is sad, but it is only Republican states) there is a rush to pass laws to legalize various kinds of discrimination against same-sex couples. We need to continue the fight.

But, today is a big day. A day to pause and celebrate.

It is also a day that will accelerate anti-gay folks being able to collect data to realize how massively wrong they were about the impact of gay families on couples, children, parents, grandparents, religion, and every other thing. Time will prove, they are just the same as same-sex couples!!

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+Dallas Plummer  Hear! Hear!!  Thank you Dallas.
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Avinash Kaushik

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Checkout the incredibly beautiful setting of the Digital Innovation Day at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt. It is a historic setting, to talk about the most bleeding edge of topics: #noweconomy  

This is my third time keynoting DID. There are obvious reasons to come back: Great topics, great audiences, German companies make for such a complex challenge.

My reason for coming back is different. I love the people at Syzygy, the company that organizes the event, and their CEO  Marco Seiler. They are such wonderful people, thoughtful, kind, smart, driven. And, Marco their fearless leader has created an amazing culture. 

In the end, other things matter but it all comes down to the people you work with. It is not often that we can get to choose, but for when you get a chance, choose the people you'll love working with and all else will take care of itself.

#did15  #syzygy #peoplerule #lovetheoneyouarewith
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Beautiful place!
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Avinash Kaushik

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Take that billboard of wisdom!

: )
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:) best
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Avinash Kaushik

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You always suspected it was not all that difficult to solve the work-life balance problem.

I don't think you realized just how easy the solution was!

PS: On a serious note, I've always wondered if one way to solve the work-life balance is to let your work be something that makes your life meaningful. Then it just becomes lifework, does that not solve the problem? What do you think?
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I agree on this.. my work to be something that makes my life meaningful... I believe on this..
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Avinash Kaushik

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Isn't it precious that PC Magazine does not have a mobile-friendly existence?

What better sign of an entire ecosystem - hardware and software companies, magazines, leaders, creative types - so completely, still, missing the boat.

I'm kind of mad at Google. I got this page after clicking on a Google Now proactive card. Google did great in identifying that the topic was of interest to me - and it was. But why not find me a mobile-friendly page? Come on Google! Is perfection too much to ask for?

#signoftimes #yesihaveawindowslaptop #butiliveamobilelife
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+Stephen J Dow just the iPhone grosses Billions more than everything Microsoft has ever made. Unix is not exotic or clumsy. Let's move into the 10's?
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Avinash Kaushik

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“Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.” 

These are not words of some crazy crack-pot from the 1st century. They were written in 1958 by Trial Judge Leon Bazile justifying why people of mixed races (like me and my wife!) could not marry.

A biblical and God based justification for legal discrimination against the children of God.

A man, a judge no less, claiming to be doing God's will.

And, based on that reasoning he decided to prosecute Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter causing them to move from Virginia (or they would have to go to prison). 

It is important to keep these words in mind, it is important to keep Judge Bazile in mind, as we read stories now of other Elected or Appointed representatives of the US Government, claiming to be doing God's will by refusing to allow for marriage equality to a different group of our peers.

Go back. Read the words at the top of this post.

The revulsion you feel, the deep and profound bigotry in the name of God you feel, is what in a few years people will feel about those today using very similar words to justify discrimination.


Quote from:
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In America people used science AND religion to justify enslaving my ancestors. "People" are the constant in that equation it has nothing to do with God
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Avinash Kaushik

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Real-men cry, and I'm (every time I watch this video!).....

It is worth noting that none of the scenes in the video are staged. The video uses real home footage showing the reactions of 13 dads-to-be as they are given the news.

#awesome   #creativity  #life #momentsthatmatter
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+john smith I was wondering how long it would take before the douchebags with nothing better to add to the conversation would show up and make stupid, brainless comments about the fact that I am a NASCAR fan...which has absolutely nothing to do with the post. You even "bonus failed" with the "faggot" remark. 

Congratulations,'re a fucking all-star.

PS. Next time try coming up with a more creative name than "John Smith"...if you have the brain power to do it, you fucking mental midget.
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Avinash Kaushik

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If you ever wanted proof that Innovate Or Die is the ultimate truth, especially in technology/web, then here's the ultimate one....

Just one company from the 1995 list made it to the 2015. One. Most of the ones on the left are dead, and those still alive are barely there.

A small part of what's going on is simply that the time horizon is so large that the raw technological evolution eats companies alive. A part of what's going on is the shift from the power of hardware to software and services. 

It is impressive to see the rise of China, and equally sad that no European company is on the 2015 list. Do you have any theories as to what might be up in EU?

PS: Notice the inflation in the market cap total, we know where wall-street is betting on future revenues. :)
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Avinash Kaushik

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Thank you Facebook indeed!!

Checkout this delightful post by +Thomas Baekdal.
Yes! Thank you Facebook!
If you have been following me over the years, you will know that I have been advocating brands to pay much more attention to the group that I call ‘the listeners’. It’s the people who don’t like, don’t comment and don’t share your content, but are otherwise illustrating all the behaviors of a truly loyal customer and fan. 

In 2012, for instance, I wrote a whole plus article about this. Here is a free link.

And, up until now, Facebook has stubbornly refused to account for this in their News Feed, instead focusing on ‘active engagement’ as the only measure of value. And it’s partly because of this that our News Feed is so crappy. If you want to measure true value of social, the listeners are far more important than the active engagers. 

But in a press release out today, Facebook is announcing that they have finally started to measure the impact of the listerners. As they write:

"We’ve discovered that if people spend significantly more time on a particular story in News Feed than the majority of other stories they look at, this is a good sign that content was relevant to them."

"For example, you may scroll quickly through your News Feed and like a photo of your friend’s graduation, followed by sharing a funny post from your sister. You keep scrolling and happen upon a post your cousin shared detailing everything she did and saw on her recent trip. Her post even includes a photo. You spend time reading her post and the interesting discussion about the best places to eat that had broken out in the comments on this post, but you don’t feel inclined to like or comment on it yourself. Based on the fact that you didn’t scroll straight past this post and it was on the screen for more time than other posts that were in your News Feed, we infer that it was something you found interesting and we may start to surface more posts like that higher up in your News Feed in the future."

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You might also have noticed that the whole scroll-like measuring, is exactly what I and others have been talking about since 2011 when we measure read-rates for articles. You can read more about that here:

It took Facebook a long time to get here, but we finally got it. In the future, Facebook will be ranked not just by what you act on, but also on what you enjoy reading. It’s a small thing, but it makes such a big difference in the long run.
We are updating News Feed's ranking to factor in how much time you spend viewing a story in your News Feed.
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I always knew they were watching me! "based on the fact that you didn’t scroll straight past this post and it was on the screen for more time than other posts"... hmmm, interesting, for sure.
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Avinash Kaushik

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Change, or get disrupted!

I found this graphic to be fascinating. It shows all the companies that are trying to take away a piece of Fedex / trying to do a piece of what Fedex do better / outright kill Fedex collectively. In every case the new company seems to be disrupting Fedex by using technology and what digital specifically empowers.

Fedex became Fedex by trying to do everything and do it well enough. And, as a result, it is an enormously successful company. But, when you get that big, it is very difficult to stay nimble and innovate in every thing now the big company does. And, digital empowers innovation at higher speed, at a lower cost, by smaller companies.

I love this.

Is Fedex going to die? No. There are plenty of big clients of big Fedex who do want Fedex' bigness in one place. But, many parts of the Fedex business will certainly lose. The challenge for them will be to keep the local loses small and keep enhancing the value of the big.

Fedex should of course innovate itself and try and compete with all these little disruptors from within Fedex itself. But, it is very hard for a massive corporation to do that (be it Fedex or American Express or Google or Pepsico).

On a positive note, Fedex has so much money which means if it fails to innovate from within, it can simply buy these "little guys." Happens all the time.

All said and done. So fascinating. 
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It should be noted that they aren't mutually exclusive ;-)
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