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My latest post covers a topic that is extremely pertinent to your work, emotionally connecting with data always is, but I bet it will be fun and inspiring to reflect on the 16 eclectic stories I share.

Check out... Create High-Impact Data Visualizations: Nine Effective Strategies:

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I love great visualizations. These days, I'm also deeply interested in understanding America. Both of those elements come together in this visualization.

The Democrats, blue, have stayed mostly consistent over time, they've just become slightly less moderate. The Republicans, red, have moved right quite a bit over time.

Democrats have strengthened their median, and, if you look far back, the big chunk of right they had. Republicans never had that big of a left, and have lost almost all of the middle resulting in the massive shift of median (roughly 0.2 to now 0.8).


This has real consequences, we'll keep them out of this post. Please admire though the stunningly amazing visualization, and consider how to use it in your work/life.

Graph, data:

PS: If you love great visualizations, and are in a marketing or analytics role, you can sign up for my newsletter here: Thanks.

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My latest post on LinkedIn:

Don't go chasing rabbits down narrow holes:

#marketing #optimization #industrygurus

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President Trump tweeted: "The Fake News Media hates when I use what has turned out to be my very powerful Social Media - over 100 million people! I can go around them."

I thought I would make a little graph to check what reality looks like. Not nice.

Total followers are not a valuable metric. Dissected that into real and fake.

Real followers themselves are not a great outcome metric, though I would get something more valuable hence got Reach.

Never present data without context, hence added Reach for an organization Mr. DJT hates to see if he is able to crush them. Not really. But a loooooong shot.


Not that it makes a difference to him. Hope helps you think a little better. 

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If your company spends even a moment on any Social platform, I offer my new post to push critical thinking at your end:

"Stop All Social Media Activity (Organic) | Solve For A Profitable Reality"

I touch on what I believed to be the promise of a Marketing Utopia that I was excited about, why it is sadly broken, and what's a phenomenal alternative that you should pivot to as soon as today to ensure your business get's value from this amazing platform.

I close with something that might sound bizarre: How Artificial Intelligence holds hope yet to deliver on the Utopia promise.

My post is here: Please comment there, and challenge my thinking!

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In my next newsletter ( I am planning to write about how robotics will drive the next layer of human transformation.

Here's a little site where you can go see if robots will take your job: Type in the job title, hit tab, review, plan your future!

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Like some of you, I am disappointed about the decision our country has made on the Paris climate change agreement. It is difficult to internalize that we are now in a club that has three members: USA, Syria and Nicaragua.

President Macron: "We will not renegotiate a less ambitious deal... There is no plan b, there is no planet b" I have to agree with him, the problem is so immense why should we negotiate to shoot lower.

I am optimistic though that Cities and States in the US will step up. My home state of California is accelerating adoption of standards and systems to combat climate change. Hurry for Mr. Brown!

I do think our president gets one thing wrong.

We have to do more because 1. We were the #1 contributor to the problem for the longest time and 2. We continue to be the #2 contributor.

It is unfair to say that developing countries have lower standards than us for a few years. Except China, they contribute smaller than us today, and they still so far away from us. We can't now say "We Americans took full advantage it for 100 years, but you can't do so!".

I also believe that solving for climate change will force innovation that will help humanity make scientific progress and develop new industries. I'm sad that we in the US will not have this incentive in place.

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There are 50k ways to show the world's population, I'm sure you have seen at least 10k of them. Yet, I bet you'll be surprised at the distribution of human population visualized below.

Every time you have a choice between simple and complex, choose simple. It is harder than you think.

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This is a 5 megabyte (!) hard drive being shipped out of IBM in 1956.

Today we can fit the entire world's information into that physical space. It is a little surreal to imagine what the next 50 years will bring. Remember, tech progress is exponential! 

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An info-snack in form of an article about a data visualization technique you've either used this week or seen it presented to a senior leader. The question is why?

The answer's in my article: "Eat Pies, Don't Share Them!" 
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