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My new post covers a topic I'm both scared and extremely excited about: "Artificial Intelligence: Implications On Marketing, Analytics, And You"

Humans have a tendency to overestimate the change that will occur in the short-term and gloriously underestimate what'll happen in the long-term (25 years).

And, the change that Deep Learning is powering with Machine Learning is truly human history level change. In the post, I attempt to paint a long arc. Starting what what AI is, what is possible today, and then shifting to what are the implications on your job in the short and long-term and close with advice on what you should do. Now.

I close with how I'm getting my kids ready to live in an AI-First world (almost everything they are learning today in School/University is going to be useless, including the style of learning). I hope it'll provide food for thought for you if you play an influencing role in a child's life.

Massive change is coming. Not 25 years from now, in the next 5 years. Are you ready?

Start assessing your answer to that question here: , and please do share your feedback and observations via the comment form on the blog. Thanks.

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At University of California, Berkeley, I recently laid out three clusters that most "data people" don't pay attention to. I outline the three, and what you can do about them, in this article...

Big Data | Small Impact | Why?


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I recently had the privilege of teaching MBAs and EMBAs as a part of Prof La Blanc's Data Science and Data Strategy class at UCB's Haas School of Business.

As you can imagine the topic is near and dear to my heart. :) My goal focus was not on how to get more data and process it, but on three things to obsess about when it comes to strategic influence from data: Purpose, Persuasion and Possibilities. I wanted the students aim way, way higher.

While the lecture itself is private to the university, here's a seven minute video on Big Data, throwing mental anchors away and what it takes to truly use data to drive change:

I hope you'll find it insightful.

PS: Bonus Quote: Analytics is a lot more important than business leaders realize, and a lot less important than analytics people believe.

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I'm watching a presentation by a peer at my company, and I wrote a tweet I wanted to share with you...

#mirror #changingminds

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It is honestly silly to believe that you can't measure brand marketing. I would use a stronger word, if I was allowed to.

Here are 12 metrics to bring accountability to any brand marketing effort, no matter how magnificently ambitious in it's goals:

You have to answer one simple question, let the Analysis Ninjas you have do the rest. Imagine big, measure smart. 

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We all could use when it comes to #healthcare. Let me help.

Global deaths due to conflicts are actually down. Significantly.

The rate of death is per 100,000 people. Even if you look at that blue line, despite the recent uptick, things are looking better for humanity. So, if someone is trying to scare you into even more military spending because there is some massive threat to your life... take a pause, think.

The other interesting thing about this data is the introduction to truly brutal conflicts I'd never heard of. What's the Anglo-Dutch war? I'm off to wikipedia!

There's lots more data here: Do please checkout the impact of literacy on democracy and wars, very interesting.

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Quick... What is the one thing that is 21st century's gift to Marketers and Analysts?

It is one word. Starts with the alphabet I. : )

To get the answer, and learn how to tell stories with data, you can watch this insightful (no, not that I) video conversation between Daniel Waisberg and myself:

In a short amount of time, we cover a lot that'll help you think differently about the job that you are doing today (and what you can do to accelerate your next promotion).

An additional bonus... In latter part of the video I share why most visualizations fail... We don't distinguish between three purposes for visualizations: Elaborated Stories, Strategic Analysis and Day-to-Day Reporting.

If you are a textual person, Daniel's also written an article that goes with the video with more ideas. It is here:

Happy birthday!

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Combination of good news/bad news.

Yvonne Lin, pregnant, gave this award to the first person who gave up his for her on a NY subway train.

The sad news is that this was her second pregnancy, and through both while many women, most of whom were Latino and Black, give up their seats... No man had.

During her first pregnancy she carried a small Thank You card with her to give as a token of her appreciation. Did not have a chance to use it (!). This time around, during month eight (!!), this wonderful man did and received a 7-inch bronze trophy.

I would like to think that most of men are not rude or inconsiderate, they are simply too wrapped up to notice. Either way. Sad. Let's look up, take notice, stand. Thank you.

More on the story:

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It is hard to believe somethings in 2017. It is about time we reconsider killing people simply for being who they are, for fellow humans being what they were born as.

You'll be deeply inspired by David Miranda's five min impassioned plea for those that normally don't have a voice:

#watch #rethink #act #lgbtrightsareyourrights

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Checkout your inbox! TMAI #64 is in there. "The Most Pressing Digital Challenge: Identity."

It highlights two things: 1. Why your CMO's obsession with tactical bits is corrosive. I share a real-world example. 2. Why solving identity should be your #1 priority.

If you don't get TMAI, sign up here: 
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