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You are invited to a beta test of the new version of avast! Free Mobile
Security. New features include the avast! Anti-Theft web portal integrated into the avast! Account which allows remote control of your device from a web browser.There are also other improvements like the Network Meter, avast! SiteCorrect, Real-time protection of executed apps, widget, slightly optimized UI for tablets and many more.     

Get the link and add comments here,
** INTRODUCING: avast! Mobile Security 2 Beta **
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Awesome,I was just waiting for all these features and thank you very much for keeping Avast Mobile Security Free that's what makes Avast unique among all the other providers hope you will keep it free in future too, God speed.
Thanks, you guys. Any comments or suggestions you have are welcome, so don't hesitate to participate in the beta. ~Deborah
I am linux user ... do not think I need your anti-virus ^^
Been using this on my Atrix since last week. It's a real awesome update. Security's much improved and manageable because of the web client.
If somebody could test it on the new tablet Nexus 7,it would be great to have your feedback. 
I can't seem to find how to install anti theft in root mode :-(
The beta includes a web portal for mobile management and administration basic needs - simply great and: for free!!!
THX avast, keep up the gold job ;-)
Best mobile antivirus ever!
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