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Audacity 2.1.0 has been released!

* Real time preview of LADSPA, VST and (OSX) Audio-Units Effects
* Improved Noise Reduction Effect.
* New Spectral Selection Feature.
* More compact playback and record meters.
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Mastered a job with the updated version this morning.

Really great.
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A step forward for real time effects in Audacity (effects that you can vary as you listen to them).  Audacity 2.1.0 will support real time preview of  LADSPA, VST and Audio Units effects.  

The image below shows the Antress "Modern Spacer Black" VST plugin effect, running in Audacity.  It will now run with real time preview.  You can for example loop-play the audio, adjust the controls as it plays, and When you are happy with it, click 'apply'.  This particular VST plugin gives a very adjustable echo effect.  There are many others.  

Kudos to Leland Lucius for progressing real time effects in Audacity.

We're working on getting Audacity 2.1.0 packaged and tested.  It should be released in the next few days.
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Hello +Audacity®  Now, that the "few days" look like being over to me, I am becoming more and more eager to testdrive the new realtime-functions ;-)
But alas: I built Audacity from SVN today and it says, that it is Audacity 2.1.0... but still no realtime and while LV2-FX looks like perfectly functional, it does not show the native GUIs of Calf or Invada modules.
Can I do something to make it happen?
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We're a small team, and we can't do everything we'd like to.  We're looking at getting more ambitious.  We've talked about these things:

Real Time Effects so you can vary the effect as you listen to it to get the settings exactly right.  
Android Version this would be a complete re-write.  It couldn't be 'the same' as Audacity due to the smaller screen.  There would be simpler editing, effects, fewer tracks.
Extraordinary Features things like 'audio-diff' where Audacity shows where audio is similar and where different, 'source separation' for extracting a voice form a song, splitting an interview into the different people speaking, 'Deverb' where Audacity takes the reverb and echo out of a recording.
Video/MIDI & Drum Machines more formats, going beyond the audio recording role.

You get one vote.  Which of these should we look into more?
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Real Time Effects
Android Version
Extraordinary Features
Video/MIDI & Drum Machines
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+James Crook
In that I am with you, I do not see a need for Audacity to pretend to be like all the others. Its design and concept/workflow is very good and btw: it works perfectly stabe for me.
 But that realtime-feature still is an essential nowadays...
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Mostly useful for voice work this lovely enhancement by Paul Licameli is likely to make it into 2.0.7.

Spectral editing allows you to easily pick out particular frequencies and change/remove just the sound in them.  Very useful for getting just the sounds you want in a voice recording.
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Do we have a video version too?
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So, we are working on a menu munger for 2.0.7.

This will allow you to rearrange the effects menus, and make your own categories, put your favorite effects at the top of the effects menu, bury the least used ones in 'more effects...'.  The menu munger, when it is written, actually will allow you to rearrange ALL of the menu in Audacity, though we are only promoting the ability to organise the effects as that's where it matters most.  

The picture below is part of the further future plan for the menu munger, a built in drag and drop editor based on ideas from the programming language 'Scratch'. There is no way that part of the menu munger will be ready any time soon.  There is too much to do for it.  Instead, we are going to reuse an existing cool open source project, wxFormBuilder, that is normally used by software developers to build user interfaces, including their menus.  Download wxFormBuilder from sourceforge, open the menu file in wxFormbuilder, edit it there, save, and voila, Audacity 2.0.7 will have new menus.

An extra download and a little experimentation is OK for power users.  It's too many steps for most users.  That's how it should be.  It's the power users who most need this feature.  
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+Ryan Rampersad .. well a tree like the file browser is 'native UI', and we'll have that for 2.0.7.  We're looking at blocks to do the drag and drop better than trees currently can.  We can experiment with the shapes we have a bit and see if we can make them better.  Nothing stops us making these blocks look very like menus, though if we do that it might be less obvious what the pieces you can drag around are.  Thanks for the feedback.  Will think about what to do.
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A clever variations on Fish-eye view  from (at about 1 min 45).  

The GUI problem is that we want both a long range view of the waveform AND we want a detailed view for precise cutting.  In current Audacity, using the mouse wheel to scroll in and out is the nearest.  We'd like something with both precision and context in the one view.  Julian and Leon's idea is one idea being discussed.
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Good call!
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Spectral selection, a new feature for noise removal in the upcoming Audacity release. The key idea is that rather than just select a time interval in the spectrogram view you can also select a range of frequencies, and then modify or remove just those frequencies. explains in more detail.

Kudos to Pual Licameli who saw the need for and implemented this feature.  He's also made many other improvements for this release, including making noise removal effect 'cleaner' and so more effective.

These new noise removal features will be in Audacity 2.1.0 which should be released in the next few days.
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I paid a license of Audio Director to have such feature... ^^'
Now I learn you can have this for free.
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A shout out for LMMS free open source cross platform audio program.

Promotional video here:
LMMS 1.1 | Official Promo Video

Below is a picture of their very cool design for an effects mixer.  We really like the space saving design where the gain sliders are integrated with the meters.
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+Anne MacLeod
Learn how to make bread/butter stuff plus some  first glance on extras like drwaing samples with the pencil and how nyquist basically works, can be taught within a day.
It always depends very strongly on what you want to achieve....
Its more or less a waste of time to learn methods to do abstract things in any software.  In productive applications a well defined goal comes first, then workflow, then methods.
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Harmonious and, as you'd expect from Google's a cappella group, full of techie lyrics.  Lovely to see people  really enjoying singing.
Wow, this is amazing. Geeky Goosebumps!

Nicely done +Jacob Lee and co. 
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+Audacity® We always have a blast. Thank you for enjoying and sharing!
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A survey... if you use Audacity and create your own music, we'd like to hear from you.

Specifically we'd like to know what genre, if you can describe it, and whether solo or in a band.  Add as comments on this post.  We'd like to get a sense of the different kinds of music Audacity is used for.
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I love audacity!!!!!!!!!!
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Record or Edit... a choice screen leading to a dedicated recording screen in the design concept

In the concept video the dedicated recording screen is less cluttered.  Audacity guides the user to set up the audio source, the name and colour of the clip, then takes them to record.  Could make a lot of sense.  Recording may often be done in a completely separate session from editing, so why not separate the two tasks, and make both interfaces cleaner?

Proponents of a one mode solution would point to overdubbing and correcting audio whilst editing as tasks which may work best staying on one screen.

We're considering three options:

- Audacity pretty much as now.  Recording and editing from the one screen.
- As concept demo, separate but similar screens, with some neat tweaks to the demo so that you can overdub and patch in a fix really easily, dropping into record mode and transitioning back when done.  
- A Frankenstein hybrid, harder to understand, design, control and set up, and much more work for us to write, where new users get a record/edit/All-in-one choice.  Down the road, sophisticated users will be able to customise the screens and workflow.

You're invited to +1 the option you think is best, by +1'ing one of the first three comments below.
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+Phillip Landmeier Thank you. 
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Julian Dorn and Leon Schlechtriem's beautifully re-imagined concept for Audacity.

Over the next few weeks we'll be talking about different aspects of GUI and graphic design, and coming back to various suggestions from this video.  Do share in helping us make Audacity better.

Direct link to video here:

in case clicking on the video does not work.
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Some nice changes there, but don't dumb it down too  much. It's a tool, not a design school project.
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