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Julian Dorn and Leon Schlechtriem's beautifully re-imagined concept for Audacity.

Over the next few weeks we'll be talking about different aspects of GUI and graphic design, and coming back to various suggestions from this video.  Do share in helping us make Audacity better.

Direct link to video here:

in case clicking on the video does not work.
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Much better than actual version. 
If only realtime effects (with option to render) can fit this concept...
i think i still use a very old version. still does the job i need : )
+Yaroslav Fedevych I'm gonna take a guess and say that Audacity probably is designed in a way that doesn't allow this without a major rewrite :/
+Jason Efstathiou it's been discussed since, oh, I don't know... 2003 or something. There even was a proof-of-concept new engine to deal with things like that (its development was dropped around 2005 or 2006). The last argument I heard about that is that some effects can't be used in real time, which is a fair point that, however, could be worked around fairly easily.
+Alexandre Prokoudine It definitely would make me use Audacity more. I use Logic for most things and I can honestly not imagine going back to a rendering- based effect system. It sure does kill the CPU to have effects in real time but it's much greater to be able to see how your effects are routed and manipulate in real time. But, oh well, as a freeware Audacity is great for many other things :)
+Jason Efstathiou Leland demoed real-time for preview at the Audacity Unconference, which is a first step.  How long before it gets into released Audacity we don't know yet.  With it being all volunteer effort, the trick is to break big changes down into manageable  steps forward.  We don't want to break Audacity en route.
+Wantoo Sevin preferences->tracks->behaviours, untick 'select all audio if none selected'.  I agree with you, delete shouldn't do that.  Some users won't have discovered 'undo'.
Some nice changes there, but don't dumb it down too  much. It's a tool, not a design school project.
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